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Atomic Sugar Daddy or K2 HardSide?

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Greetings from western Ukraine, folks! Rather long post follows.

I'm 189.5cm tall (i believe it'll be 6' 3''), 28 y.o. and my weight is 78kg (172 lbs).
I enjoy skiing from childhood, i believe i started when i was 8 y.o., and i started on powder. Now i ski sidecountry primarily, because i love deep snow and trees and solitude (and i always ski with rucksack; this definately has some negative impact on my skiing technique). I don't like groomed snow and crowds, but everyone ski groomers when they come to lift. And groomed is almost always hard and icy here in Carpathian mountains. Also we have bumps, lot of them, frozen. Not that i like iced bumps, tho.

I'm a fan of older Atomics, skied many years on Atomic F6 Performance Pro 185 (dark-blue, but similar to so-called Red Sleds) which i (and many other folks) borrowed in local colledge. That pair of ski is still alive, despite numerous deep scratches and a couple of binding remounts (they nave old Marker M35). I also own old (circa 1990 or earlier) Fischer RC4 185 pair (white ones, non-carving classics, mounted slightly back), but they lost their camber, started to fall apart, and i don't want to do any make-up on them - i dislike Fischer's durability. So, all of my former skis were classic non-carvers, and i did powder runs on them, even in backcountry. As for newer skis, last year i borrowed Volants, with mirror-like topsheets, and i liked them. Too much sidecut for me, but excellent grip on icy bumps. Can't say for their flotation in powder - there wasn't any at that time :-( All i can say - i like 185cm long skis most.

And now i badly need new skis. I'll use those ski in sidecountry (trees, short backcountry tours) and on semi-groomed with bumps (and inevitable ice), but my main concern is powder, crust, corn and slush (in that order). I also need strong edge grip to ride icy bumps, and i like my ski to be durable, fast and light (all in that order). So it seems like i need an ideal all-mountain ski for almost all snow types, except groomed resorts.

So the questions to ski experts is:
- should i buy older (07/08?) Atomic Sugar Daddy (183cm long, Densolite core, 126/99/117, 29m radius), or should i try K2 HardSide (131/98/119 with ~21m radius, wooden Aspen/Paulownia core, 5/15 Tip rockered)?
- if latter, should i buy them 181cm or 188cm long?

- How K2's edge grip compares to Atomic's?
- How their stiffness compare?
- How durability of K2 compares to proven durability of Atomics?

(K2 is wooden core, and i didn't heard bad things about Densolite, which is used in Beta-construction of Sugar Daddies)
- What relation K2's rockered tips have to needed ski length?

I plan to mount Marker Duke on them, and i'll do it myself, maybe with a ski shop guy watching over me. Another option is to mount Dynafit bindings with brakes, but if i do, i'll do it via some not-yet-existant home-made plate to be able to switch bindings (between Duke and Dynafit). So another question is mounting strategy.

- Should i mount them at BoF on manufacturer's line, boot line on manufacturer's line, or should i offset them?
- how far back that line is on modern Atomics? I heard it is offset back... What about K2 in that regard?

And yes, i'll be ok if my new ski will be twin-tipped or semi-twin-tipped - you never know when funky mood comes upon ya :-) K2 HardSide isn't twin-tipped, but it doesn't matter much. Twin-tips are not significant factor to me.

So, what are recommendations from ski experts up here?
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niether, the Sugar daddy sucks in powder mountain point it far forward. The k2s arent even the best powder skis in their line up. Plus I promise you you will crack the edge. Atomic caps densolite skis = the suxor. I would never buy a pair again.

FYI yout 6'3 in standard inches but you should still be looking at skis 190ish+ and get them softer so they are easier to ski.

189 K2 Seths(older ones) or the new Obseth
190 Gotama
192 atomic Pimps(way better than the sugar daddy, easier to ski on all conditions)

their are others as well but the 2 skis you mentions arent really the best for your purpose.
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hmm, you say Seth/Obseth, but it's K2.
Aren't there the same durability as K2's HardSide?
I don't know, but all old K2's i saw there didn't seemed reliable to me...

As for Gotama, i heard many good words, and will ponder some more.
As for Pimp... Hecq, it's Atomic! It has wood and Kintec honeycomb (i dunno what latter is) core, and 30m radius is good for me. Sounds good, thanx.

(combiner goes to read some reviews on Pimp)
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ok, i see Pimp was changed in 2007 and changed again in 2008.
There aren't any pimps in Atomic 2010 catalogue.
So what generatiom should i search for?...
Is this THE thing: http://www.usoutdoorstore.com/outlet/atomic-pimp-skis.html ?
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not so good on icy bumps but youll rip up those trees with these sticks. I ski these on all but the iciest days, when I switch to my Dynastar Big Troubles. 
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They look like (and in fact are) so-called "system" skis, which i believe come with bindings :-)
I have a spare Marker Duke to mount, so "system"-ski is not an option.

As a "system"-ski i looked at Volkl Grizzly and they look like "ok", but i won't buy any of that sort.

I also have my fears to rockered skis. Although this year's Gotama looks good enough to consider (dunno how it goes with older generations), i think i'll lean to Atomic Pimp (192cm) for now, because Gotama also seem too wide for me dimensions-wise.
Still i have (err, i give myself, hehe) about one week to decide :-)
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