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summer article by Lito

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Interesting article considering we just had a war of techniques and Lito's thoughts were posted as supporting the "brand-X". In my chats with Lito I found a different person. Here are some of his thoughts from his summer online issue.

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Way to go,

Nice shots. The first two in the sequence look like there's some pushing off going on though. Hard to tell. I like the last 3 in the sequence a lot. Great skills.

I like Lito's message.

He's in Aspen and I don't hang out there much - that's where SCSA's ex is. But, him and John Clendendin are up there, so now I have double the reason to go.

I'd also like to figure out a way to drop in on those Harvey twins, they're up there too; see what kind of skills they have.
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>>I'd also like to figure out a way to drop in on those Harvey twins, they're up there too; see what kind of skills they have.<<


Oh, they are not bad skiers. <FONT size="1">

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Easy Todd,

I beleive one of the Harvey twins is married to the former publisher of Snow Country mag.

But your right, a day skiing with either one of them, would be special. Highlands would be my first choice for the am., and Ajax in the pm.<FONT size="1">

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I also read Lito's most recent excerpt. Thanks for alerting us.

In reviewing his latest article, it seems from his view point, there is room for everyone. It is going to be interesting to see how he handles this further in the book.

But after further consideration, I don't think he will go there and fan the flames of controversey. More importantly, Lito has the ability to consistantly put into simple, understandable, economically efficient prose, his ideas. The imagery his prose creates is amazing ! What a joy to read !

By default of the unresolved conflicts and the percieved crisis in American Ski Instruction, his book could become the new basis of approach to ski instruction, simply because of his credibility and success with his other publications. Of course the book will have to stand up to scrutiney....and I think it will. Perhaps he will choose to become somewhat political
[ though I don't think so ] and directly address the "crisis" in American Ski Instruction. He could do this in such a manner that someone, some organization, or organizations, will finally get it.

Even that, I think is too risky a proposition, and could overshadow what Lito wants to accomplish. As more of us read what Lito has to say in his new book, this will be a better choice of topics for discussion.
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From my email conversations with Lito, It sounds like he is planning on staying out of the politics of skiing. His thoughts seem not to be the how and why of teaching skiing but that it takes time and commitment, regardless of the method. That the PSIA and ATS would be fine, It's just that a 2 hr lesson and a few tips, will not work unless there is practice, and continued work over period of time like a week of constant work to engrain the movements. I guess this will automatically be a recipe for success because the student must be motivated to learn to put this time of commitment, and the learning will be better absorbed by lots of practice.
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hey bobB
did you get several requests for books recenlty?
KevinH, SCSA and a few others were asking how to get your book. I reposted your epicski email to contact you. Hope you are ok with that email being out for the bears to reach you.
How was your trip?
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Thanks BobB
This is part of an email I got from Lito just before that article came up.

"It's not so much that I don't
have a specific method. I guess I do have a very definite method, or
better, methodology. It's just that I am not very dogmatic about it. As a
practical instructor I understand that to accomplish any specific goal on
skis, I may need half a dozen different teaching approaches. And I try to be
guided in my approach to teaching by what works best for my students. Almost
everything works, not everything "works best." My basic idea has been to
look hard at expert skiers and try to discover, not what makes them
different from one another, but what they all share in common. In this way I
hope I have been able to simplify and reduce the number of moves and
movement patterns that I teach to an absolute minimum. And then too, I
notice that what I stress in my teaching is slowly changing from season to
season. I am putting more emphasis than ever on muscular relaxation in high
level skiing and I find that this may be what makes the difference between,
say, competent instructor-level skiing and dazzling skiing. Excess muscle
tension is almost everyone's enemy on skis... "

I think what I like most about his writing and comments is his commitment to KISS.. and his passion for the sport...
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ouch... sounds brutal on the car.
The last big hail storm I remember being in was only about marble sized. It was pretty funny though. no damage to car. Actually my dad's car. We were in Jasper Canada hiking as kids. we had taken a tram up the the mountain and were hiking back down. a Big sudden hail storm hit. As we were running down the hill with a big tarp streached over us we remembered that the windows on the Citreon were all left down to keep the car cool. We arrived to about 6 " of hail stones piled up on the car seats. All you can do at that point is laugh.
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Hi Bob Barnes,

Thanks for clearing up that matter regarding which Fry, Katie was married to. I have a certain sense of relief that she did not marry someone who is old enough to be her father.

As others are on this thread, I am looking forward to Lito's book, so if anyone sees it in Barnes and Noble, Borders, or on Amazon.com, please post.

Soon we will all be over the hump. Once July 4th has come and gone, it is time to look forward to next ski season, and less at the last one. Soon there will be sales of last years stuff, and the 2001-02 season will start to show itself with the retailers getting rid of the old stuff, and showing what is new. The ski mags will be doing their thing, and before you know it , fall will begin.

Often we will get a hint of it as some selective branches on certain trees in Leelanau County begin to change as early as the last week in July. It is now time,when summer is at its hottest, to look forward.

I often find myself on the coldest of ski days loking back to the heat of summer for a little "psychological" heat. Now on the hottest days, I think of those wonderfully cool and sunny Spring skiing days, so I can chill just a little.
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Great "eye" on your review of the illustration accompanying the article about Lito's evolutionary approaches, Bob. I put the photo and your comments together on a page I printed out so I can use it to show others what I'm talking about when I stress the importance of letting the inside foot/leg lead the turn. I'll bet Kim learned to make a wedge by pushing out his tails.
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