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Boot sole canting

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I am not sure if this is the best place to ask this but here goes.  I live in Northwest Montana.  I am currently skiing with a 2 degree cant under my right ski binding.  I am planning on getting new boots this season and would like to have the boot soles canted because the under binding cant limits me to skis without a  binding system.  No one in my local area does boot sole grinding,  I have searched the internet for a ski shop that might do this but have not found anything.  Does anyone know of any shops within driving distance that might do this.  Schweitzer or Fernie maybe?


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 Hi brownie_bear,

check our boot fitter  list here to  see who is  close to you.

Note that  a  new  boot will most likely  present  different angles than  your current boot and  canting  the  soles  of  your  boots  is  the last step in the alignment process.  I would recommend having your  stance reassessed in  your  new  boots  and skis to  find  the appropriate  stance  position  for  you rather  than arbitrarily planing your new  boots  to the same  angles as your current ones.
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---what Bud say's!!! 
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Thanks Bud. 

I am planning on purchasing the boots and doing full boot fitting sessions with the boot fitters shop not just getting the boots canted to the same angle.   I looked at the list before posting this and the closest boot fitter in the list is in Banff and that is a 6 hour drive from here or in JH and that is an 8 hour drive so I thought I would ask if anyone knew of anyone closer.

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No problem Mike. Contact Top Shelf Snow Sports in the Griz Inn at the hill in Fernie. Their number is (250) 423 7912. Their web site is
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Cool.   I will be going through Fernie next month and will check them out.

Thanks for the info.

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