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Loose tongue

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(This is probably a really stupid question, but oh well.) I have almost completely torn the tongue off the liner of my right boot. It's hanging by a couple of threads.

However, I kind of like it like this as it makes it much easier to get the boot on. I just shove it back in place after booting up, and it seems to stay where it's supposed to when I buckle.

Is this bad? Should I get it fixed? I probably will need new liners after this season anyway.
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Hi Segbrown,

I should be worth the effort to pull the liner out of the shell and sew the tongue back in place, as this might help keep the liner and tongue in shape.  Plus keep it in the right place over your instep.
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But what if I don't fix it? That's kind of my question. So far it hasn't seemed to be a problem ... is there something I'm not seeing?
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if you dont fix it it might tear out all the way.
if that happens it will be harder to get the boot on/off and getting the tongue in the right place for skiing might be hard too.
If you like it that way, great.  Keep going,

No problem from the boots standpoint, just your ease of use
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