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User advice on Stockli Stormrider XXL please

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Hi there,

I`m considering  Stormrider XXL in 162`s. I particually picked the Stockli  due to their excellent construction. Are these too stiff and heavy for tree skiing. I know they take a lot to work them but are these going to make hard work of it even though I am an aggressive skier. I do like an active ski and not too sure about these.

I ski mainly off piste and do have powder skis.

I have looked at others around 80/85  waist; there are loads of skis with good reviews so any input on quality constructed would be much appreciated.

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This is an impossible question to answer.  People use all types of skis for all types of skiing.  The XXL is definitely not stiff and I would say it is on the soft side longitudinally and stiff torsionally.  It is dead simple to ski.  If anyone tells you otherwise they probably have never skied one or just plain can't ski.  It is one of the easiest skiing performance skis out there.

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Originally Posted by granite View Post

I`m considering  Stormrider XXL in 162`s.

Are you a light weight midget?  Why so short?

As Lou said, this is not an overly stiff ski..  FWIW, I'm 185cm and 90kg (6' & 200 lbs) and ski the XXL @ 178cm and have never found it too much ski.  Since off-loading my Stormrider XL, the XXL is now my everyday ski.
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Hi there, thanks for your replies.

Why so short, well i`m female , 163cm tall/short , 135 lbs.  so I figured 162`s would be great to flick around in tight spaces. I have some Volkl Auras  (94 waist) in 170 which are great , but coming off skinny carving skis (which were WAY too short) I find the length a handful in tight trees. Yes my technique sucks, but I don`t spend much time on groomers so speed is not an issue.
I have been looking at Legend 8000 & Monster im82 .
I live in UK and so can`t demo anything so have to buy blind.
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bit more information, I have skied 100+ weeks, mainly Europe icy groomers and steeps , but now spend 2 months yearly in Winter Park CO , mainly  Eagle wind area but want to venture into BC and Berthoud Pass. so also looking to put AT bindings on either the Aura or Stockli. 
Your coments have reassured me of weight/flex  and  there are not too many reviews on Stockli XXL.
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I can't comment on the Legend 8000 or the Monster im82, however, I did own the the Legend 8800 @ 188cm (it was my powder ski) and found it much stiffer than than the Stormrider XXL.  I have the XXL mounted with Marker Dukes (originally with Freeride +) bindings and use it as an AT rig in Australia.  It has also travelled to Kashmir.  But for deeper days I go for my Blizzard Titan Agros (also with Dukes), which I found to be an excellent everyday ski (mainly off-piste) for Tahoe and New Zealand.

The Stormrider XXL does have a hard pack bias, but if you can ski, will handle the deeper stuff (stay centred).  My only concern, given your weight, is whether the flex is progressive through the shorter sizes.  If not, you may end up with a short, quite stiff ski, which wouldn't be much use off-piste.  You'll have to guage this for yourself.

If you are building an AT rig, try to go Dynafit from the outset.
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