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A debt of gratitude...

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Like all skiers, we have bad days and good. Railing our skis through pure carved turns, floating through variable snow like the imperfections were not even there. Then are those days, maybe just runs, when you question whether you're just a beginner and can't believe you've been doing this for years. I had to just think, what is it that gives? Why is it that I SUCK today, but may tomorrow flow with the grace that I just experienced yesterday?

After reading the thread about skiing bullet proof, there was a post (JohnH) about early edge engagement and carving BEFORE you cross the fall line. I am sure that this is common knowledge and redundancy for expert skiers, but I tried this and felt as I did when I was skiing well. What I did not realize is that when I suck I'm doing just the opposite. Engaging my edges AFTER extending and using up all of my "sinking" by the time I ever reach the fall line. Consequence: NO speed control, anywhere on any pitch, and it must look awful too. After coming to this epiphany I set out to roll my mass and edges, then extend through the early part of the turn, while scraping off speed, still carving, and then finish off my turn easily with all of the effortless speed control behind me. Took a while to put my finger on it, and still may be unclear to many who read, but I had to explain with the hopes of helping one other terminally psuedoadvanced intermediate skier. I may now be on my way to bigger and better! To this, I owe a debt for JH's post on bulletproof ice skiing. Divot.
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Divot, I smile thinking of your awakening. I don't know what you do for a living or I would taylor the below situations to your line of work.

Situation A) But let's say you had bills to pay at the end of the month. Experience has told you that you work throughout the month and get a paycheck, you have the bills paid, kids fed, and hopefully a little left over to invest in your skiing obsession. Good management of your situation.

Situation B) Now, if the month went on. You did nothing until the 15th (half way through) and then decided. Whow, I better prepare for the end of the month, and the transition into the next month. What may happen then? PANIC, or furious action to make it happen. Perhaps not very graceful. And if a suprise situation occurred, you may not be able to handle it.

Now my loose metaphor brought into skiing. Most people try live their lives closer to situation A.

All good skiers try to work as necessary throughout the turn so that their is no need for panic and furious action at the end of the turn. They are ready for just about anything.

Be Powerful, precise, adaptable, and supple throughout the turn and few things will suprise you.

Remember: Successful skiers don't just do certain things, they do certain things in a certain way.

hope this helps,
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What an analogy! My wife runs the checkbook/bills consistently throughout the month, so I should be able to do the same with my turns. Thankyou for the reinforcement, it just makes sense!
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Jonathan, I *really* like your statement:

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Be Powerful, precise, adaptable, and supple throughout the turn and few things will suprise you.
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That brings to mind the thought of "skiing the hill" rather than "the hill skiing you"...

I can't say how much I appreciate all the great feedback in these forums! THANKS AC!!!
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