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Isn't there a site or something that tells you what is coming up the next day on tramdock. It seems like I remember seeing something before, but can't find it.
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I've never heard of that, there is however a plugin that allows you to see the new items the moment they come up. It is a curse, because you see too many good deals and it leads to huge credit card payments, but a blessing if you derive your pleasure in life from accumulating mountains of ski gear.
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You can sign up for a daily spam email (they call it the First Chair) they send out at midnight every day.  It only shows four items that will be up in the following 24 hours and it doesn't give the times or anything, but it can still give you a little breathing room, say if you want to do a little research on an item prior to it popping up.
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Here's the link to sign up for First Chair-
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Some amazing deals lately on TD. I wish they had one for fly fishing too. Wait, no I don't.
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