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They looked pretty good tonight.
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Undefeated when Polamalu plays... I smell a 7th ring coming
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My Broncos sucked, your Steelers made them do that.  Steelers in the 2nd half played VERY well.  Damn Steelers!

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I think that was AFC championship game right there.

FYI steelers get your players out there ASAP if you dont get homefield advantage. casey Hampton does not like being a mile high.
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Do we dare think best team in the AFC???
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Well, I guess the Bengals had something to say about being the best in the AFC. Ben was off his game and give credit to the Bengals D. Swept by the Bengal  whodathunk it?
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 Both D's played great. I don't think Ben even had abad game. Take away the return for TD and it's a tie.
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Steelers have their work cut out for them and need some help to win the division. There's a lot of football left.

I can't think of anymore cliches.

Where's KevinF been?
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May have a tough road to the playoffs but a doable road nonetheless especially looking at our upcoming schedule.
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Ohhhhh, it was tough at the gym this morning surrounded by mocking Bengals fans....   The only bright spot from yesterday is the Colts pulled it out in the end.

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Originally Posted by Laurel Hill Crazie View Post
Where's KevinF been?

I'm around.  I lurk more then post these days.  I think the Steelers still have a pretty easy road to one of the wildcard berths.  Who else is going to get a wildcard berth?  We've beaten the Chargers and the Broncos.  The Jets are self-destructing.  The Jags and the Texans can't win two games in a row.  The only thing that matters is that you get an invite to the dance.

As far as I'm concerned, the regular season is about who can lose the most.  Playoffs are about the winners.

Originally Posted by SugarCube View Post
The only bright spot from yesterday is the Colts pulled it out in the end.

You have no idea how flippin' awesome that was living up here in the land of Patsies Lovers.  Just beautiful.  I can't stop smiling.  I should get a Peyton Manning jersey for times like these.
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Good to hear from you, Kevin. Are you going to ESA Stowe?

Welcome to Epic's corner of Steelers Nation. tylrwnzl.

Don't worry yet Sugar Cube, there maybe another Steelers/Bengal game this year. Give the Bengals fans their moment in the sun, it's been since 2005 since they had anything to feel good about.
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 Anyone think Charlie Batch will be leading the team against the Ravens? I really like the guy and was psyched to see that he hit Ward (I think it was Ward) with his first pass in two years.
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 Whiteroom told me today that Batch is now out for the season. If Ben can't go who will. i was bummed to see Leftwich go this summer, cuz you never know. If he's not available, I vote for Jeff Garcia - I don't think he has anything better to do...
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Batch's wrist needs surgery, link here.  Will anybody be healthy enough to play against Baltimore on Sunday night?
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I hope not.
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I can see Lars grinning from here.
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Wishing bad luck for the Steelers could have serious ramifications--isn't Lars going to CO to ski next week? Does CO have any snow?  Hmm...inquiring minds want to know...

What do we know about Dennis Dixon? Is he up to tonite's task?
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Dixon has one pass for a completion and about 3 hand offs as an NFL QB. Stillers will also start a rookie on the O-line. Things are looking pretty dreadful. The D has to step up and Arians has to protect the young QB but he had only one day to come up with a new game plan. Tonight will tell the tale.
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 Wait...now Ben is out? Uh-oh.....
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Forget the interception in overtime. This game was lost by the defense....by the corners and safeties. Once again the D couldn't hold a 4th quarter lead and that happened in 4 out of their 5 losses. 
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Laurel Hill Crazie
What can I say hun
Its better to be lucky thank good.
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Found this on Twitter this morning...sounds like the Steelers not only have defense issues, they have "play nice in the sandbox" issues too!
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Hi skiball and welcome to Epic. Your blackbirds weren't lucky. They were good enough to win this one. We'll see how this all settles out but at this point I'd say that the two teams that met in the AFC Championship are neither as lucky or as good as last year.

You should consider attending the Blue Knob Gathering Feb. 20-21. There are lots of MD folks that attend.

 SugarCube, Hines Ward was out of line and the anybody that question Ben's toughness should look in the mirror. There's plenty of blame to go around in this 3 game skid.
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 What grade do you guys give Dixon? I'm thinking he gets a C. He started well, and mostly made good decisions, but his accuracy was not too good. There were a lot of passes thrown that could have been more catchable, and he was obviously baffled by the Ravens D in the 4th quarter.
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Granted, I dozed off and on during Q4 (I really have to stop getting up at 4:00 a.m.) but I'd give him a bit more than a C.  Dixon showed a lot of poise given the circumstances and while his accuracy may not have been spot-on, it wasn't all bad either.  It'll be fun to watch this fellow grow and develop--hope the Rooneys find a way to hold on to him long enough to let him get more play time.  Next to Ben, he looks quite slight--I'd get him in the gym and "pump him up" a bit too!
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 I don't think he lost the game, but if Ben had been there when they went in to overtime, I think he'd have gotten them in for the FG.
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