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I think it is very likely Cleveland picks up its second win of the season this week.  Roethlisberger, Bell, Brown, Pouncey and other starters are to be rested for the playoffs.  There is nothing at stake for the Steelers except preventing injury and going into the playoffs uninjured.  Even Green is in practice, but doubt he plays much.  Steelers are locked into the number 3 seed for AFC playoffs, so the regular season is effectively over.  This could be a painful game to watch if you're so inclined.


Landry Jones will start at QB without the full O-line that has given Ben so much time to pass and perform this year.  He is at the end of his Rookie contract, and with Ben still healthy, may be motivated to put on a good show for free-agency.  Still ugly.

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It looks like a great day to go skiing.

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An embarrassing game for both teams, but given that many of our starters were benched, the outcome is both understandable and acceptable.  Whatcha thinking about the Dolphins this week?

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The Dolphins started the Steelers 4 game losing streak so they should feel confident going against the Steelers, The Steelers looked weak against the run in Cleveland but as you said, a lot of defense starters on the bench. If they can stop the run as they have since the start of their 7 game winning streak then I think we will move to the next round. The offense should be healthy so they should be able to score enough to win.

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Originally Posted by Uncle Louie View Post

SugarCube and I were in the house seated on the 50 yard line, down pretty low in the upper deck.


The crowd's energy was up throughout the game but on the last touchdown when Brown's arm stretched out over the goal line the place went NUTS.  The noise was well above the level of your average rock concert.  I've  never high-five'd with so many perfect strangers in Steelers garb in my life.


It was beyond belief being there.


Check this out  https://twitter.com/NFL/status/813179919408590848?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw


Check out some of the picks here http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/steelers/2016/12/25/afc-north-pittsburgh-steelers-baltimore-ravens-nfl-week-16/stories/201612250168

Uncle Louie, did this happen at the game you attended?


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Well, the Steelers came out aggressive and beat up the Dolphins. Ben and AB in the game after it was in the bag. Ben gets sacked and intercepted and AB returns a punt. Ben shows up at post game interview in a boot but says he is fine. Tomlin and Haley taking heat over allowing those two on the field so late in the game. Linebacker coach and former player Joey Porter arrested in an altercation with a doorman and a policeman at a bar later that night. Fans and sports columnist wonder what's up with coaching or decry "distractions". Kansas City up next but in their house this time. This we all know.


If the Steelers continue to play as they have they can take it all the way. I think they will have to go through New England to do it, if they are to do it but on to KC first. 

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I must say that I wish I would have slept through some of those loses. It would have been a better use of time. The rookies have been given more playing time and old man Timmons blitzing from the outside instead of chasing tight ends across the middle ah but they were playing the Browns. That fact also raises concern about the offense' sole TD and that took two free tries to accomplish. Some in the 'burgh aren't convinced this team is worth fighting the tryptophan effect.

The Steelers have come a long way since I posted that back around Thanksgiving. It started with the rookies and ended with the play of the geezers on a D that has the yunzers believing and chanting  DEfense once again. Rookie or "off the practice squad" receivers have filled in for injured starters and take the pressure off AB (sorry I called you selfish) but L-Bell makes the offense ring now, power running but he will kill you lined up in the slot too. Franco or The Bus never did that. No. 7 knows that this is his time to shine.


KC has come a long way since these two teams met in the regular season. Mother nature is going to play a big part in this game too. It might all come down to who makes the fewest mistakes. Then again, doesn't it always? Should be a fun one and skiing Laurel before the game should be fun too.


Here we go!

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What a game; Boswell with a new record for FGs made in a playoff game. Nail biter down to the end. I hope I have to eat crow for saying this but I'm not terribly optimistic going into Foxboro next weekend, but here's to hoping for the best. 

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Off to Foxboro! I'm sure the Steelers are going to welcome the challenge!

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I don't think they win in New England without touchdowns.  I won some KC BBQ, so good enough!

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It's interesting to see those playoff vets with savvy pushing their teams further along.  Rodgers, Big Ben, Brady..  Just feels like gritty play under pressure.  Get'er done league.

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