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Where do I live?

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I am set to graduate college in December and need to find an area to work for afterwards (why would I get a real job?). If I were just going for the skiing, I would go to Jackson, but I want to find a place where I can Kayak on my days off. I am looking into Mt hood with excellent kayaking in the town of Hood River, but need some advice on which is the best ski area up there. I Like the looks and small area feel of Ski Bowl, but just curious if any of you guys have been there. Finnally, Am I going to be too spoiled with the snow coming from Colorado or is it still quality skiing worth spending a season in? (also if you have any other recomendations of places where I could ski and kayak that would be great)
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Ski bowl - small funky, but has solid terrain. oh, and the park rats come out in droves in the afternoon/evening.
Meadows - good snow, but booooring and full of gapers.
Timberline - all year long baby. makes up for a lot of shortfalls, like the lack of steeps.
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You might consider Missoula, as there is plenty of kayaking to be had. 

Snowbowl has the small area feel in spades, it's a true Mom & Pop operation. There are much fewer skiers due to the lack of a major metropolitan area anywhere nearby. Missoula is ~60,000 but is not a ski oriented town in spite of the proximity to Snowbowl (13 miles from downtown). Snowbowl's base elevation is about the same as Skibowl's summit, so the snow tends to be much dryer (each area claims the same amount of average annual snowfall), and while they have about the same amount of skiable acreage, Snowbowl has a much higher proportion of advanced to expert terrain.

Oh, I suppose I should mention that there is currently no terrain park at Snowbowl.
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Based on the subject line, I thought this was a question from someone who'd had a rough night OR was one of those picture questions like "what area is this".....  in case you're not getting the response level you were expecting.
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durango colorado, purgatory and teluride for skiing and kayaking aplenty
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That is my house.  I have to be in before dark.   
Western WA Mental Hospital,  home is a behind it a 1/2 mile.  Puget Sound in the background.

Ground of Western State Hospital
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