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September Turns: Carson Pass area

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Hit up the Roundtop Lake area off of Hwy 88 on Carson Pass this past Sunday for some September turn action.

I went with my regular summer skiing partner Stev and his tele buddy MJ. We hiked roughly 3 miles in on the Wood's Lake trail leading to Roundtop Lake and then veered West a tad to hit the "Kitchen Patch" above the lake. After 5 runs MJ coaxed me into his tele gear and I gaped my way through 5 more runs learning and then "The October Patch" a little further on. The backside of Kirkwood was visible to us on this latter patch.

After milking the KP for a spell and then doing several laps on the OP, we headed over to what we formerly had dubbed "The Wu-Tang Clan Patch" see this TR:  http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/85184/wu-tang-clan-august-turns) which had turned into a semi-gnarly choke chute and crowbar shaped patch. I pussed out on the chute (I approached it from below and started side-stepping into it before deciding it was just a tad outta my comfort zone). Stev and MJ cowboyed up though. 

From the chute we hiked down to what had formerly been dubbed "The Method Man" patch and lapped that before calling it a day. In all we logged roughly 20 runs in on 4 different patches in a span of 9 hours. Not a bad Sunday all in all.



Probably hitting up at least 2 more days before September comes to a close and I can say that my 2008/2009 season is over (going for an even 80 days).
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you are getting after it.

we'll have to get you on the skin track this winter so you don't turn into one of these summer only patch hikers 

way to keep the streak going

if'n your gonna hike, might as well ski a little patch down.  I hate walkin' downhill
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Got my skin track cherry popped back in May during the Mammoth Mini (btw, missed you this year, but fully understand what with the Big Day and all). Did Gaylor and Mammoth Crest one weekend and then False White and No Name Peak (Sonora) the next weekend. Broke down and purchased a beacon, but still need skins, shovel, probe and to figure out where to keep my Dukes (currently mounted on some Lib-Techs, but have been using King Salmons for the summer patch skiing adventures).

At any rate, have logged 10 days of summer skiing so far and looking to notch at least 2 more in before October, which is when I consider the present season ended and the new season beginning.

But yeah, I'd be down for some actual winter skinning for sure!
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So it has come tho this

I gotta say Spence, your winter outfits have more steeze
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 yeah, i'm pretty mellow in the summer. long sleeve UVA 30 wick shirt with a tee over it and some brown shorts. function over fashion when hiking in dirt and shale.

that said, i've been pretty mellow on the winter fashion steeze, as well, sticking with brown and my beater green pants, as well as my Hanna Teter plaids. been looking for some yellow pants and a yellow jacket, but to no avail (hopefully i'll score some this season). but even then i'll just be rocking a rather staid yellow/brown combo. i've come to realize that i have a long way to go skiing-wise (technique and confidence) before i can rock a neon fartbag.

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Dookey, you could wear stripes and be fine.  On the other hand, only one guy I know can get away with pink, but he goes by me so fast I consider it an optical illusion from the speed of sound being broken.

Anyway, by the time I huff up to 9000 feet color no longer matters.   I have some nice crampons I'll sell cheap if it would help you get up that chute.  Turns out my ambition was bigger than my determination, so these are unused.

Oh yeah, great looking late summer turns.  Thanks for sharing.
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Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post
At any rate, have logged 10 days of summer skiing so far and looking to notch at least 2 more in before October, which is when I consider the present season ended and the new season beginning.

Alrighty then.  Finally Spence resolves when last season ends and next season begins.  I like this kind of clarity

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my definition of when the season ends/begins is based on this:

Timberline closes the slopes mid-September for maintenance and doesn't re-open until mid-October.
Loveland and A-Basin traditionally re-open mid-to-late October
The seasons in South America and New Zealand end roughly around October.

Thus, for my purposes, I have determined that the new ski season in North America begins in October and runs through September.

My above reasoning was accepted by the Snow Days people over on Facebook, too, so I think it's pretty sound.
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Hey…I’m down with your start of season calculation as it appears like you vetted this pretty well.  Glad you did…party’s on…we’re charging forward with purpose now

…say, ping me with the first date we’ll see you here

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Cirque: might be interested in those crampons...as for my bailing on the chute, had nothing to do with crampons...i entered the chute from below, booted up and side-stepped across the patch and then about 1/4 up into the chute. standing in the chute with my tips and tails touching each side kinda freaked me out and caused me to decide that i might be a tad outta my depth should i have decided to continue side-stepping up to the top of the chute. in hindsight i should have entered the chute from the top, whereupon i would have had no choice but to commit to it (i had also decided to enter from the bottom so i could scope out the snow and over all "gnarliness" of the chute). long story short, i psyched myself out. it's all good, though, as somebody had to sacrifice their chuting in order to snap pix.


Double-D: not sure what my plans are this season, but to date i have not re-upped my Epic Pass. thinking of staying local and looking at the job market in/around Tahoe (hitting up some resort job fairs starting next month to see if i can cut the mustard as a kiddie instructor).

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Looks like some good exercise, and at least you were skiing!
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 stumbled upon this alternate method of getting early/late season turns last night (Columbia is using it for their current print ad campaign and you can find a mini-interview with the guy on their website, as well):

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