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Zip Lines - Who Has Done It

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Zip Lines - Who Has Done It and Where?

Rumor has it that one is coming to Hunter Mountain.

Here is a video from Whistler.

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It seems really fun!
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 I helped build and maintain a few high and low ropes courses while I was in college.  We had a nice long zip line as our final element on our on campus high ropes course.  It is fun, but not my favorite element.
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Did one through the rain forest in Costa Rica.  That was more about what you saw than the vertical or speed.
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They have one at Wildcat, NH.  The sound is rather annoying.  Although females can be persuaded to flash their breasts as they go by if the crowd on the deck is persuasive enough, and said female is tanked enough.  Other than that, I've never done it so I've got nothing.
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I did that in the Army at Ft Lewis, WA. We weren't strapped in, we were hanging on to a T-handle. The line went out over a lake. Those who let go too soon had a long swim back to shore. We were supposed to lift our legs up parallel with the water surface and land on our butts. A few were a little late and did a face plant into the lake followed by an end-over-end flip or two before sinking beneath the waves.

Can't say that I enjoyed the experience, though. The circumstances may or may not have had something to do with it.
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Did a whole series of them outside of Whistler.  The last one was 1000 feet above the forest floor...its was very cool!  I couldn't believe how quite it was...it was really like floating through the air. 
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I've done a couple different types of zip lines.

Survival camp in NC was probably the best. Zip lining into the water. Water skiing with your feet!

Several of the rafting companies do this here in the New River Gorge. I did it off the New River Gorge Bridge (876 ft). It was more of a rappell. The most exciting part was walking out on the cat walk in the wind. The whole metal structure sways and vibrates from wind and cars.
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My fraternity used to set a small one up each year right before a new school year.  Would set it and a couple repell lines up at Red Rock Canyon, OK.  Was pretty small and redneck but was fun none the less.  Went from the top to the hitch of my pickup truck.  If the rope got a little slack in it, just pull the truck up.  lol

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I've done it a few times in Jamaica.  It's a total blast.  Highest traverse is 335'.  The 1,000'er at Whistler sounds awesome.
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did a logging zip line in colorado in the early 70's, long run,what a blast!! did a ropes coarse zip line a couple of years ago, short and sweet but still a thrill. Just Do IT Dude!! you will enjoy the thrill!
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I did it in Costa Rica.  it was a searies of 7 ziplies i think to get down the mountain. The highest was over 1000 feet high and the longest was just under a half mile long.  It was a blast.  depending what direction you were going in you had a crazy view of lake arenal or Arenal volcano.
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