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Myself- 19y/o, 5'11, 190lbs. Very strong and athletic. Level 7/8 skier. I have been skiing since I was 5. Live in Vancouver and ski mostly locally at Cypress, make it up to Whistler and Baker maybe 10 times together each season. Have averaged about 20-25 day seasons for the last 4 years.

My "style"
- I feel like I ski with tons of power in a very "hard charging" kind of way, at the same time, and I realize some people will say this is a contradiction, I feel that I'm very technically proficient and ski with a lot of finesse. I love railing the groomers and I feel that this is my strong suit. At the same time I love the backside and this is where I want to focus my attention on this upcoming season. I want to be able to ski steep chutes and bowls at amazing speed and grace and also be able to ripe tight powder lines in the tress. In the park I'm definitely a beginner, smooth 360s off of 20-25' kickers being the best I got. I have also dropped a few 15-20' cliffs and i'm looking to do some more of this.

The situation-

I currently ski 169 public enemies and although, being inexperienced I have nothing to compare them to, I feel like I have majorly outgrown these and should be on something at a 185-192 length with a much stiffer flex.

The plan is that I'm going to be moving to Fernie this coming winter and I plan to try and ski a 100+ day season. For this experience to be worthwhile I feel like I need a full new set of gear. I'm thinking of getting two new sets of skis and a new set of boots. I will be re-mounting the bindings on the enemies and making them exclusively park skis. So my first questioned is this

#1- Where should I mount my enemies? I have heard varying opinions on this and would love to hear the opinions of those skilled and experienced in the park. Help is much appreciated.

The ski choices- this would be my everyday ski. My focus will be everything(except the groomed) so -chutes/bowls/trees/steeps.

Kastle Mx98
Volkl Mantra
Volkl Bridge-
Line prophet 90 or 100
Volkl Grizzly
Nordica Enforcer

Now for the powder ski I was thinking-

- K2 Darkside
- Salomon Rocker

If someone with good deep snow experience could make some suggestions for a "no compromise" powder ski that would be awesome.


I'm looking for something stiff and precise but not so much so that i'm overly compromised in the park or powder.

I was looking at, in this order-

-Lange Super Banshee
-Nordica Dobermann
-Salomon x3-rc cs
-Krypton pro
--Rossignol b squad pro 130 carbon

Obviously this is just based on reviews I have read and my choice in the end will depend on what boot best fits my foot. I plan on going for a complete custom fitting.
I really want these things to fit like a glove and give me amazing control while at the same time being moderately comfortable. I heard one of the best places for custom boot fitting is Snowcovers in Whistler? Does anyone have any other PERSONAL experiences of great boot fitters in Whistler? I'm really serious about getting the best possible boot fit I can and i'm willing to spend the money.


What would be my best choice of skis? considering the fact that i'm also going to get a powder specific ski?

Where should I mount my Enemies ?

Where's the best place to get boot fitting in Whistler?

Thanks for any and all help. If some of the experts could chime in I would love it. I only recently found this board and it is great place for info.

I'm going to be moving to Fernie by myself so i'm definitely looking to meet some people to ski with while up there. If your going to be up there and you need a partner let me know. Lets hope for an awesome winter.

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