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Bumps, skis, bindings, boots

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I have had the "troublemaker" for 2 years...best ski I have had in the bumps, bumps/powder & extreme skiing...fine for everything else which is boring anyway...you can ski backwards with the wife & kids too........so i just picked up another pair 08/09 & it is now apparently just called the "trouble" & has a pic on the bottom of a girl in lingerie...nice pic if you are single, but i could do without..............just trying to confirm that these are really the same skis as the troublemaker & what the best binding for the bumps is for someone 6'4" 230lbs (I currently have a pair of LOOK, but the new Look seem different)????
Any suggestions on a bump secific boot?...or is it best to get a custom liner molded?  I have a pair of wide fit Atomics that seemed to have packed out.
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I'm 230 5'11" and there's a few bindings I think are good for bigger guys like us. If you're a marker man, the comp 14 free can be found for cheap, or i'd suggest the jester.I like the z12 / z14 from salomon, and the px 14 from look. I'd just recommend a binding with a din to 14. I'm not so sure about the trouble, but I've heard the trouble maker were awesome ski's for cheap.
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search on the bootfitters forum for info on boots.
WAY to much info for my to type right now
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The "Trouble" is the TM. Boots are personal but competitive bump skiers often ski in race boots or derivatives thereof. Fitting your foot properly is the key and only your bootfitter knows for sure.

The binding of choice for years has been the classic LOOK turntable. This binding is light, offers great retention and shock absorption and has a very short mounting platform.  It was discontinued in '06 and they are fairly scarce right now. The classic TT will be reintroduced in a few months but I think only in wide brake versions. We have a few of the '06 ROSSI versions in stock in either 12 or 15 DIN with a standard width brake. Check the website.

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Just switched to the Twister... will let you know how it fares-- but I am a lot smaller than you.  I ski bumps in race/plug boots, due to fit not choice, but they do really well as they are super responsive.
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Bump specific boots don't really exist. Even at the top, anything goes from racing plug boots to Flexons. The old Look / Rossi turntables are virtually universal.
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