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Originally posted by Pierre:
Guys, I wrote that pretty quickly off the cuff. What I do works very well for me and results in low stress every time. I guess I have to go out on the hill and see what it is that I REALLY do cause it never results in the kinds of things that you guys are saying. The mechanics of what I show in a demo could be different than what I said up above. When I finish, I am really stretched out, not crouched at all.
I won't even try to defend it till I go try it and see. I may in fact modify greatly what I said. Yah know I never really sat down and thought about it before and your negative comments about what I said got me to trying to simulate it in my mind to form a defense. The mechanics right now and appear to be more of a roll than a crouch and reach. Gotta go try it on snow.
I will compare it to all of the comments and report back. [img]redface.gif[/img]
Pierre: When I read your first post, I agreed 100% but had the same feelings you did as I read the negative responses to what you said. I don't fall too often, but I'm fairly sure I fall the same way you do. I mainly do it this way so I don't face plant or end up tumbling and also to try and keep my skis on my feet ( I lift my feet up) so I don't have to climb back up the hill to get my skis. I've never hurt myself doing this, so I think what you said in your later post is true. We're doing it right but perhaps you explained it wrong.

Anymore comments anyone? :