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OK - some time back we had a thread on the best compliment you have received ....

I just got TWO great ones yesterday... Went off to do a 'Super Session' which is a special group lesson aimed at advanced skiers - guaranteed no more than 3 to a group... I was pretty nervous & wanted to do the afternoon session the day before (smaller groups in afternoons - like sometimes 1!)... They said NO - group is too slow come back tomorrow & we will have a group for you we think...

Turned up in nervous state & managed to keep myself from running away ... head off for ski off for splitting of groups (6 people)... 2 nice experienced instructors....

After ski off the instructor that is doing the split tells me "You have a really NICE contempory style there - nice skiing".....(Compliment 1 for the day)

Hmmm I feel OK - but fret when they insist on grouping me with the 16 y.o. gung-ho male in the top group (arrrrgggghhhh PLEEEEEEAAASE no!)

Then the instructor that has landed us wants to get a good look at our skiing - we head off to some steeper terrain & I get told
"You are doing REALLY good turns you should be an instructor" (Compliment 2)
I pointed out I DO NOT want instructor pay & conditions thanks all the same....
I found out today he was serious - found my regular instructor to TELL him how nicely I ski - ooooops [img]redface.gif[/img] .... but REALLY lovely of him....

Yes OZ - inner expert must be getting there ... I even managed to tranlate the requirements of 'strange' instructor into what I needed to think about to do the job he wanted ... WOW ... even I'm impressed with that part .... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Ooops - forgot...

instructors comment on the compliments was 'And who said you can't BUY a turn? '
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Now that your good skiing is bought and paid for, do you plan to continue with the coaching? What happens when you ski better than your coaches? Would you want to try teaching?
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Go for it. You'll never know....
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Yesterday was what we call a "rain event", about 2" of rain and the "Oz Alps" were trout fish heaven n today Dis goes skiing ...

LM ya need to ski with Dis [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

[ August 14, 2003, 05:06 AM: Message edited by: man from Oz ]
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If you continue with that attitude, disski, I am not going to place any bets on your coaches maintaining their lead over you, if at all.
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Or, it could happen like here:
Person skis better than some coaches/instructors
Person is not from the mountains (aka LOCAL)
Person has no connections inside the "inner circle"
Thus person will never make it.
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Originally posted by nolo:

Now that your good skiing is bought and paid for, do you plan to continue with the coaching? What happens when you ski better than your coaches? Would you want to try teaching?
Nolo - could NOT give up the coaching if I tried... I'm an addict... besides - those turns just didn't feel that good to me... I want BETTER ones.... The instructor kept insisting I could keep doing those 'bad turns' because they looked OK...

I am only leaving my private lessons & going to group classes for dome 'adventure' training.... Still find the privates with instructors that understand me work best for new learning (& I still have heaps to do).... In the group lessons I am constantly 'translating' what I THINK they are after into what we have learnt in privates.... (Hence they feel good because I can 'learn' so fast - in reality they are providing the prompts to help me get enough repetitions to LEARN the movement thoroughly)

I will NEVER ski as well as my coaches - although I can only hope... Remember one of them beat the pacesetter at Canadian Level 4 exams by a second....
The other won the Australian Level 3 race skiing on a broken tibia...
They both grew up in ski resorts & have skied since childhood...

May do the part-time instructing that the group instructor was pushing on me.... Have to think on it....
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Thanks Nolo - but one reason I ski with these guys in the first place is they have much the same attitude... I'm never sure if I get it from them or chose the instructors with the 'determined' attitude going on because I know they won't give up on me....

I did do a big sulk yesterday though - see Oz's comment on conditions .... & had to be told to get my act together because I sure wasn't getting any worse & could only get better through tackling new challenges...

Today was also tricky as that snow with 2inches of rain in it then froze overnight... I'm told the groomed stuff was nice first up - but of course they decided that my lesson just had to be off-piste & as the sun came out & softened some parts - we headed treeside.... It takes TOUGH coaches to keep at it with the stuff I bleat in those situations....
Then again we all remember the days when I bleated the same curses at the piles of sugary slush on the 'Souper Trail' which I now deal with without a murmer...mostly....
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