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Fischer Red Heat vs. Rossignol Zenith z3

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Hey all,
So I began skiing last season and picked it up very quickly. I began the year falling down on some milder runs and ended the year cruising down blues and testing my luck (mostly unsuccessfully) on a black and am confident I will continue to gain skill in the upcoming season. I stay on groomed slopes most of the time but may choose to venture outward and live on the east coast so I deal with some messier conditions as well.

As I was skiing on rentals last season I began looking into purchasing some skis. I found great prices on both the Fischer Red Heat and the Rossignol Zenith Z3. I could not find fault with either so I'm turning to you guys. Any input and suggestions on these skis are welcome. I also welcome other suggestions for skis.


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Looks like the Red Heat would be a good ski for you.  Here are some links to sites that offer more information on the ski.
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Can't say anything about the Zeniths, but I bought some Red Heats early last season and was very happy with them. They were a model year old and listed on eBay at a very attractive price. I had been skiing on some Atomic Sports Authority spring closeouts and the Fischers were definitely a big upgrade, especially at speed on groomers, on ice, and in a reasonable amount of fresh, ungroomed snow. I learned to be comfortable skiing on the blacks and double blacks in good conditions at my usual hill on them, but am thinking about getting something wider this season for those times when we do have big storms that don't get groomed down right away. Definitely need to get new boots first, though, I'm still on my starters.
Here's my review of the Red Heats...
www.epicski.com/forum/thread/77564/08-fischer-red-heat-review .
And, here's where I got some help from some nice people here in mounting the Railflex bindings at home (I did have them tested at a shop later, though)...

www.epicski.com/forum/thread/77151/should-a-novice-install-fs11-railflex2-bindings .
Based upon your info, I think that the Red Heats should work well for you. I'm glad that I got mine.

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Thought you might be interested in this (I was quickly checking on the turn radius for use in further ski shopping)...
They felt that these were best for heavier skiers, and they worked well for me at ~225 pounds.
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