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Cosmo, Ignition, Suspect, Sweet Fat Thang, Mojo 90 or Zeal?

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I am looking for the perfect do everything ski (aren't we all). The ski mags try to define the "best ski" but don't take into account personal skiing style. For instance, the Volkl Tierra is often rated highly as an all mountain ski but note that it’s not for moguls. Well, seeing as I ski Mary Jane (long mogul runs), Breckenridge (they groom most everything) and Vail (big powder bowls and trees) in CO I definitely need a ski that, in order of importance, does tight trees, powder, can carve the steep groomers, is stable at moderate speed, doesn’t slip out on ice and still get me around moguls. So I could use your advice. About me: Female, 45, 150lbs. I ski single blacks but skip the double blacks. So I am a decent skier but not aggressive due to old knee injuries (ripped cartilage and meniscus). I go around moguls rather than bouncing down them due to the faulty knee springs. I will be venturing into the park and pipe just a bit following my 7year old son.

I demoed a lot of skis last season but liked very few. Here are the ones that did not work for me:
K2 Lotta Love – Chattered a lot, couldn't vary turn size, didn't release easily
Rossignol Bandit B2
K2 Burning Luv - Not good on icy hardpack
Saloman Jade - no flow from edge to edge
Volkl Tierra - planky, not good in mogals
Volkl Aura - planky, fun, but wouldn't single foot carve
Volkl Feugo - great carver, too stiff for powder
Atomic 7th Heaven - noodlely
Salomon Gun - wouldn't carve just skid
Head Monster  82 - too planky/stiff
Rosignol Voodo 80 - OK
Roxy Joyrider - didn't initiate turns well in powder - not sure why
Atomic Crimson - planky, fun, but wouldn't single foot carve
Dynastar Exclusive Legend - nice turn initiation but no energy
Salomon Origins - easy turning but not enough rebound

Also, a few other non-memorable too soft, too wimpy ladies skis.

Here are the ones I like, but aren't quite right:
Rossignol Scratch Girl BC Team - good in powder and moguls worried that they may be too soft to be stable at speed on groomers. Never found them to try on a non-powder day.

Head Monster 78 - amazing carver, can make very quick turns and releases easily so can make both short and large arcs. Lots of energy/rebound, stable at speed and good on ice and crud. My only problem was that they dive in powder for me. The rep says they are the same stiffness as the 82s but same material times wider results in a less easy to bend ski.

Fisher Watea 84 - similar to Head 78, good at carving but not as fun (not as much energy)

Volkl Bridge - Best day and worst day on these. In powder and soft groomers they were great! Amazingly quick and smooth edge to edge for their width (92). Fast turn initiation and easy to release. These things can actually single foot carve around moguls. Lots of rebound. However on an icy hardpack day, I could not hold an edge.

I need something no stiffer than the Monster 78s but wider for more lift in the powder. I need a ski that can single foot carve, gives me confidence in the moguls, and is stable at speed on hardpack and in crud (not too soft a ski). I am particularly looking for quick turn initiation and easy turn release to allow for varied arcs in the trees. Lots of people seem to like very fat skis but they are rarely interested in moguls, tight turns in trees or carving their turns like I am. So they will like a very different ski than I will.

Skis that have been recommended to me by sales guys:
Nordica Ignition
Nordica Dead Money
Solamon Suspect
Volkl Cosmo
Fisher Zeal
Head Mojo 90
Head Sweet Fat Thang
Dynastar Legend 8000
I have not tried any of these and would like your opinion on if any of them would be a good fit for my style or if there is something better out there that I missed.

Thanks for your help!

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It might be hard to imagine that you have missed anything, but in fact you probably have. IMO you have waaaaay too many skis in your memory banks and too many on your new list that are roughly similar to stuff you've already tried. Rather than risk you getting  "lost in demoland" via the current shotgun approach, I'd suggest the following.............

First, accept that no ski is going to give you everything you are asking for because your needs/wants are far too broad and some of the necessary characteristics are contradictory. (powder vs. ice for example)

Second, take the one that hits closest to the 10 ring from what you have tried, and find a similar ski that improves in that specific area.

It sounds to me as if the closest ski for your broad brush needs is the Fiscer Watea 84. The only niggle that you have about it is that it lacks energy. That certainly is a characteristic of the 84 but is also one reason that it is sooooo good at other things. IAC; three skis that are similar in many respects but with a bit more energy are the Fischer KOA (womens 84), Blizzard Eos (women's Cronus) and the Dynastar Legend Eden (women's Sultan 85).

One of those should fit the bill.

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