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Detuning groomer skis

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This question should probably go in the Tuning forum but more people look at Ski Gear so here goes. Just bought my first pair of groomer skis (Contact LTD) as a result of 7 weeks of no snow in the Canadian Rockies last winter. Should I detune the tips and tails in the traditional manner or are they supposed to remain sharp tip to tail.
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1 strong vote for sharp tip to tail.
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Castle Dave. I would recommend starting out with the tips and tails sharp. As groomer skis they can use the sharper tips for starting tipped turns. If they do not work well for you you can always de-tune them easily later.
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I purchased some '09 C-10s (same as '08 LTD) last spring and was happy how they performed straight out of the wrapper.
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Keep them sharp and don't detune unless you are hooking, and then you should first try to adjust your weighthing (maybe too much weight on the uphill ski?).  Racing skis are no longer "detuned" and neither should front-side carvers.  If you always slide your turns and for whatever reason can't carve, or just ski bumps,  then I'd detune about an inch from each end where it touches the snow.
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Detuning is a relative thing.  Most racers, for instance, do detune, but subtly.  If you want them reliable and predictable into and out of the cut, detune, but find someone off of the internet to show you what this means. 
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Thanks for the great advice. I'll leave them sharp unless I have trouble. Hopefully next winter will be better than the last and I won't even need groomer zoomers.
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All skis should be sharp tip to tail.
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post

All skis should be sharp tip to tail.

Unless you race, ski big mountain, ski bumps, or ski park, or ski backcountry, or ski at a traverse-heavy area.  Sorry if I left anyone out. 

Thumbs up.
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Mine are sharp along the length of the part that touches the snow.  Where it leaves the snow near the tip and tail (mostly near the tip) it's not.  Mostly because my bevel holder stops working correctly around then.
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