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A Good Lesson

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I've read here many times about people taking lessons and feeling like they wasted their time and money, and really got nothing from the experience. I had a real good experience with a lesson over the holidays, so I figured I would post on my positive experience.

On New Years Day I was at Roundtop with some friends and happened to ride up one of the lifts several times with an instructor who was free skiing and we were talking about ski instruction and some of the things that I feel I need work on. As it turns out he was a pretty new level 1 cert. Well, to make a long story short he recommended an instructor there that was a level 3 that he said was outstanding and that he felt could help me. After the next run, I headed off to the Ski School desk to make my request for a 2 hour private with Evee.

My experience with Evee was nothing short of outstanding. We met about 15 minutes before the lesson time and she talked with me about what I felt I needed to work on. I told her that I was having a difficult time releasing at the end of my turns and initiating the next turn. For the next 2 hours we worked on my stance and hand position, followed by working hard to get me back to neutral at the end of each turn and initiating the new turn by tipping and turning the new inside ski. I'd have to say that I've come further due that one day of instruction than the rest of my time on the slopes. As to Evee, she was a gem. After our initial talk, we barely stopped. We talked on the lift and briefly here and there on the trail, but mostly we worked. It was great and I'd recommend her to anyone. I'll certainly ski with her again.

I think that despite the fact that many skiers do have poor experiences with their lessons, it's obvious that,just like on this forum, there are many good instructors out there. The trick, I believe, is finding them and working hard with them to better your skiing. So, I close with many thanks to Evee for a great experience and to all the other qualified, hardworking instructors out there who have dedicated themselves to providing quality instruction.
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Awesome! Thanks for sharing this, Coach, it's great to hear!
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Great feedback coach.
Your point here also makes the same point I was making in the ESA vs Traditional ski School thread. You did a bit of research, found a good coach and gave her the time to listen and assist you. There are many great teachers out there in all the methodologies. If they've been around long enough to get their full cert and are recommended as good teachers, they most likely realize how simple good skiing can be and given some quality time, they can make skiing more fun and effective for you.

I have to say, I really like this coaches focus as well.

Cheers, Wade
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