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New Warren Miller movie

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Pardon the title, I 'm pretty sure Warren Miller will have nothing to to do with the new movie... Just wondering if anyone has seen it and if it's worth the usual $20 that they charge (at least in Phoenix).

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Not yet.

Jonny Mosely was over in Boulder this week doing the vo for it.   I'm sure we'll get first dibs looking at it at the Boulder Theatre as usual.
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 The ticket deals make it worth it in Spokane.
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I'll wait for it to hit EWAM this spring.  We don't get to see much in theaters that isn't rated G.  Kids are just learning to ski greens, Showing them stuff like that just freaks them out.
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Hey, it's a movie about skiing.  Need anyone say more! 
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You are giving away the plot!
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They just got the website up.
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My wife is organizing our local showing of the movie. It's on October 16 and tickets are only 6 bucks.

You get a free subscription to Skiing Mag too (pretty sure of that, we did last year).

She has the tickets so if anybody in the Central PA / Harrisburg area wants to go just PM me and I will give you her email address.
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In Phoenix (IIRC) it's $20, we got the mag subscription and one free pass to the local mountain. However, the free pass was good for Tue, Wed and Thur, for a couple weeks only. It was not a good deal.
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Does anyone collect ski memorabilia from old ski movies such as posters?
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 A lot of 2 for 1s in NE as opposed to the usual free tickets of the past.
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Anyone know if there is any showing in NYC?  I'd be shocked if they gave out free ski passes.
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