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Merci Beaucoup

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My parents want me to do my senior year abroad and they have decided France would be great since they both grew up there.

Since I was planning on only taking one class next year to graduate, I would be able to take it this summer and then just take more French while I'm there and ski! 

So the question is, where do I go?? I would be living with a family so that might limit my choices but where should I try to find myself for the best skiing?
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In the mountains...  How about someplace big, like Val or Cham.
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You are talking about graduating College, right?  Many more choices if you are talking about high school as you could live at either of the places 4ster recommends (Val d'Isere is more of a very good resort, while Chamonix is a proper town that has great skiing nearby) or quite a few others (like Bourg St. Maurice, 3 Vallees, La Grave, etc) 

I am not sure where all the French Universities are located, but don't know of any off hand that are right in a ski resort (be there may be).  I think Geofda's wife went to school in Grenoble, which is reasonably close to the Alps for a decent size city.  Lyon would be another big city with decent access.

You could try posting this in the Euro zone here, or at for better feedback.   
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Forget France....

Go to Jamaica...Blue Mts. close, surfing, Rasta, ganga, what's not to like?

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I'm talking about my senior year of high school   I couldnt even be drafted yet. I was liking the idea of Chamonix. Val d'isere also sounds great.

Jamaica would be nasty but i want to ski.

So the question is, are there any good schools around those 2 places?
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Bourg St Maurice, Moutiers, Albertville, Chambery...
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