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Another "I Need A New Jacket" Thread

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I haven't gotten a new ski jacket in way too many years and have been slumming it with various pieces of gear.  So, the question is, what should I get?  Here's a starting point for recommendations:

  • I  really like the Patagonia Primo Flash jacket.  The only catch is, I've only seen it with a hood and I don't want a hood unless it's detachable (so note: no hood).  Do they make a version without a hood?
  • Vents are important.  I don't have a preference whether they're pit zips or anywhere else.
  • Insulation is important too. I don't like the thin shell / midweight fleece layering thing.  I know, that's a better way to go, but my average ski day is probably a lot different than yours.  Usually I'm throwing on a jacket and jumping on the lift for 3 or 4 runs and then back in.  So, I want one jacket with halfway decent insulation that'll suffice for most of my ski days.  Then on the colder days I can add another layer.  The less gear I tote around, the better.  The Patagonia jacket above seems to have the right amount of insulation.
  • I can probably get pro form or shop form on Patagonia, Cloudveil, and Salomon.  I'm not so sure about Arc'Teryx or Marmot. 
  • Has anyone used Ground jackets?  I've seen some deals on them, but I don't know anything about them or seen them in a shop.
  • Any shop owners out there want to do a cash deal to clear out some old inventory? 
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Patagonis is havingtheir half off outlet right now in Dillon. Maybe go check it out.

I just bought this: http://www.outdoorresearch.com/site/m_s_alterego_jacket.html

Looks like what you want but its a shell.
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Really?  Just one reply?  I'm going to bump this thread to see if anyone else looks at it.
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I am selling a PAtagonia Rubicon over in the for sale area. It has 100 grams with pit zips, h20 and windproof. Size L,  also there is a sweet Cloudveil Hoback jacket for sale there too, that's a really sweet jacket.

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 i LOOOVE my cloudveil 4 pines jacket !!! (check out the video on the link below)  super solid build ad awesome little touches that you can only appericate while on the slopes. . but in the end its really about what fits you best. 

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