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New Ski Builder: Otnes Skis USA

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John Hawkins of Otnes Skis USA has sent me the first photo of his new ski for 2010. 

Described by John as:


"The skis have a traditional sandwich construction with laminated poplar cores and wood top-sheets. They will be available in the USA  in limited quantities for the 2010 skis season in 171cm (120-84-112, 17m) and 181cm (127-86-118, 17m) lengths. The skis are best described as light weight, all mountain, twin-tips. Suggested retail is $699."

The website and company email address is not up yet (as of Sept 4, 2009) , but stay tuned. He said the site and ski production should be in full-swing by the end of September hopefully... John said he will try to get a demo pair to us for review...

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I really like that "ol' skool" look ........... hope you have a winner!

Never been or will ride a twin tip but how extensive will the line be?
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Cool! Is that the Norwegian flag?
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The new web page is up at: http://www.otnesusa.com and our Facebook page is:http://www.facebook.com/people/Otnes-Skis/100000344697861

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Anyone seen or tried these?

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Many of us can't identify with the ski graphics designed for the 16-30 year old trend followers.  These tops are simple, traditional, good looking, and compliment the ski builders of old.  It would be great to demo them.  Perhaps they ski as good as they look?


The web site says John Howe is working on GS boards for them next year bringing back his Claw Ski (super dampened) design.  A super-light highly dampened ski?  That would also be fun to demo next year.

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I think most ski graphics today look like they should be hanging on preteen girls bedroom walls.


I want something more basic and simple. Right on Otnes. You look "Marvelous"!

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If you like simple graphics, check out Ridea skis [www.rideaskis.com] from Sweden. Don't know what they look like this year, but they had some nice and simple graphics in years past, plus some pretty nice skis.

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Those are ugly. biggrin.gif

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Love the real wood look.  Maybe they'll find a place over someone's fireplace one day, unlike all the current skis.


Of course, they still need to be great skis to ski!

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