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Hi all, id love opinions on an east coast soft snow/tree ski to demo and round out the quiver.  Quick details,  6 foot 175-180 lb, pretty aggressive but getting up in years to 44. Primarily east coast, with two trips out west for about 14 days, about 30 ishdays  east. No park, no switch, avoid moguls.

Quiver is this:

1) 2005/2006 168cm volkl supersport allstars.- (116-70-101) a bit short and heavy but excellent on ice/hardpack and cruising with the kids. My everyday EC driver

2) Liberty Hazmat 181cm (126-94- 119). Everyday west coast, a bit less then agile but does its thing when you dont angulate too much. New school all the way, which im not but too cheap to pass up.

3) 186 On3p billy goats. ( 140/115/120) Basically a fatty rockered S7 type. Will be my pow ski and fresh snow ski out west.

So given the above, and being of the opinion that the 115 cm billy goats are too wide for east coast trees (im sure others would disagree) i think the need is for a fresher snow EC ski. One that likes to turn quick in the trees and spend some time on the trail and fall line if necessary.  Gut feeling is a 82-90ish cm type.

So NON K2 Thoughts are:

Scott- punisher 182-dont need the twin tips but could add nice pivot to tight spots?
Scott Mission 191- maybe too much side cut for trees?
Prophet 90s in 179 or 186
Head Mojo 90s
Blizzard - Magnum 8.1 IQ or 8.7?

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.