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Think before buying

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I have just cut 5 pairs of skis. That is,,,,, cut across to look at ski core! I was amazed at quality of inner core.
First let me begin by noting that ski companies have stopped including ski core composition in all their ads and also in their technical literature! Wonder why?

I just cut into a 2009 very fat ski from a major ski company. This ski sells for $600-$800 range! It is presented as a top of the line "hot" fat,,,,,,  no very fat ski!

What is inside? 80% black rubberized foam like material. Two narrow channels or very thin metal. Two black plastic sidewalls. One very thin metal top sheet. One very very thin plastic cosmetic top sheet! Very ,very wild graphics!

May I suggest that this type of ski will last at most two years, feel like a noodle and be "performance range specific"!

Think before heading into fat land!

I did the same for a top of the line "women specific" ski! It sell for $700 -$900 in my area! Same type of core. Black foam like rubberized core (injected), one metal thin layer, one fiberglass type top layer, one plastic top ski with beautiful flowers etc,,,,
This ski had its ski edges pulled out! Not dented from rocks. Pulled out! Poor retention at core !

Think beyond graphics! Ask about written warranty! Seems a lot of twin tips and fats are coming back!
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When i used to work at a ski shop many years ago, we had several different cuts of skis that we sold hanging on a chain near the ski sales rack. It was a very good selling feature to consumers that had little clue about exactly what they were skiing on.

Atomics, Olins, Head, RD, Volant. It was a ploy to expose the foam injected skis the competition was selling as junk. Of course, working in that shop gave me the opportunity to buy any of our skis at Factory prices and enjoyed several pairs every year. Always thinking the other brands were junk because of their  construction, I happened to get the opportunity to ski a pair of Foam Core skis during a local Mogul competition, from the "Other " store. I soon found out what I was missing as these skis had a feel that soon became my favorite and skied like nothing I'd ever been on. Having found out I was skiing on a ski brand my store didn't sell, the choice was given to me to ski what we sell or leave. I left.

So, saying skis suck because of their construction isn't always true. Also saying that these skis will not last very long is also not true. There are so many good skis out there right now with various construction methods. With the technology the ski industry has today, most are really good, really comparable, and at competitive pricing. I've seen many different foam core skis last much longer than some wood core skis. It's all relative to their use and abuse. You don't get a ski with a two year warranty if it's junk.

All this said, I've seen many different skis break, bend, warp, delaminate and just allow the binding screws to pull out. Very seldom is it from faulty construction. Almost always it's user abuse.
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