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dynafit binding deals

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I know it is asking a lot-I have searched.  Best I seem to find is Telemark Pyrenees.  Probably a 25% savings over shop prices.  Might just go that route if there is no better deal.
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Just remember that you may be able to get a free mount if you buy at a shop,  You have to figure all the expenses.  Ask the shop what they can do for you.  
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Thanks Bob.  That is why I said I thought I would probably go with the shop unless I could find a better deal.
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^Sorry about that.  I guess I misunderstood and thought you were going to go with the T-P deal.  
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oops reread my post-it was not clear.  25% of $450 is quite a bit, but I can finger the bindings at the shop and support them as well.
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