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1st time Ski & Boot buyer...suggestions?

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First off, I've really enjoyed reading as many threads as I can on epicski, lots of great info.  Thank you.

After many years of renting, I think this is the year I buy my own skis and boots.  I'm 37 years old, 6' and should be about 205 by this coming season. I will typically get to ski (usually Utah or Colorado) 8-12 days per year on good years - so not as much as I'd love to, but enough that the cost and variability of rentals bothers me.  I'm not sure I have the best form in the world, but I have no trouble crusing fast on any blues, very comfortable there.  I will venture occasionally onto blacks, particularly either groomed or at least fairly mogul-free.  Not a huge fan of moguls.  Honestly spend majority of time on-piste.  I prefer long, fast cruisers with wide sweeping turns, and would love a ski that is very stable at speed and capable of forgiving, medium & longish turns.  I'll also spend a good amount of time on lesser blues with my 7 year old son and 60 year old father, so not always going fast.

Ski wise I'm thinking along the lines of:
 - K2 Apache Raiders (or Recons, if I could find a fantastic deal) 174 or 177 - does anyone know of any changes from 2008 to 2009 other than graphics and color for the Raider?
 - Dynastar Contact 4x4 172 (I really like what I've read about these, but are they "too-much" ski for me?)
 - Dynastar Legend 8000 172 (seems to be a solid all-mountain choice, but is it good as primarily front-side?)
 - K2 Apache Crossfire 172 (is the radius to small for long arching turns?)
 - Elan 78 Ti
 - Fischer Progressor 9 175  (seems to get very positive feedback as groomer/cruiser/frontside)

Boot wise I've tried on a handful (not many options locally), and am leaning towards:
 - Tecnica Vento 80
 - Dalbello Voodoo or Blender
 - Nordica Supercharger Ignition
Any boot comments/suggestions would be great.  I don't need super stiff/firm boots, just want something comfortable for 6-7 hours a day for a week at a time.  My only other question boot wise relates to sizing.  I measure sort of between a 29.0 and a 29.5.  Many places seem to only carry the 29.5 size, and not the 29.0.  Do the liners/footbeds in these boots conform enough so that my "in-between" size won't be an issue if I get 29.5s?

Any thoughts on the skis above relative to my profile?   Any others in that range that I should consider?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.  I would love to find some skis (lightly used or last years models would be great) that I could learn to improve on.

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I think yoou are on the right track for skis, the recons are a pretty forgiving ski with a large sweet spot, I would imagine the others are similar. 
Hopefully one of the bootfitters will jump in with some questions for you to help determine the right boots.  If it is one or the other, go with the boots! 
Most ski area shops carry a good selection of demo skis, consider doing that for another season.  Have you weighed the cost of travelling with skis to the cost of renting?
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Thanks 4ster.  I have considered just buying boots and demoing particular skis this year, might be a good plan.  And yes, I have considered the baggage cost (and hassle), but just think I'd really benefit from my own equipment even if the extra fees extend the payback period.
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 Remove the Raider from you list, not enough ski for you. There is no change in the 08-09-10 K2 models that you mentioned other than the crossfire going to a 74mm waist and becoming much more versatile. 

Don't worry about the 29.0-29.5 difference, it is the same shell size. 
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Thanks.  Any thoughts on the Legen 8000?  Does it handle well on groomers, or is it strickly off-piste?
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Originally Posted by ralphy2009 View Post

Thanks.  Any thoughts on the Legen 8000?  Does it handle well on groomers, or is it strickly off-piste?

You should do a search here on the skis you're thinking of, as there's a lot of feedback and information on most of them, and you'll get a good sense of the community concensus about them

The 8000 is definatly not a primarily off-piste ski, but is typically referred to as a 70-30 ski, or 70 groomed, 30 ungroomed. I love the pairs I have (3 I think), scattered around the continent, as it's tremendously adept at most conditions. It's great on groomers, and has enough width to play in pow.

The Recon, well, friends don't let friends do Recons.

My advice anyway, and probably a good thing if you're going to concentrate on boots, is - demo, demo, demo. Don't spend for a pair of skis that you might like, when you might find your perfect ski for about the same overall price.
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If you're 6' 205 lbs, and you like long sweeping turns, and you think that having your own equipment will help you get to the next level, then you should be skiing something longer than 172.

I am about your size and currently am on the older version of the L8K in 178. I really like it, but since I'm not one who tries  a lot of equipment on a regular basis, I can't comment on your other picks.

Have you thought about the Rossi CX80? 
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Thanks for all of the info.  Any thoughts on a 2007/8 model Volkl AC2?  How does it stack up to Legend 8k?  Still not sure if the 170/172 length range is right for me or if 178 range would be better. 
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