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Breckenridge Unlimited Lesson Pass

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Great deal if you have a Colorado or Summit Pass.

Buy Now and Save
The Unlimited Lesson Pass allows you to take unlimited adult class lessons throughout the 2009-2010 season.   
·         The Breckenridge Unlimited Lesson pass is being offered from Sept 8th – November 15th for current Colorado, Summit and Epic (NEW) Pass Holders  at a rate of $225. The pass can be purchased at all Breckenridge Ski & Ride School Offices or by calling 1888-576-2754 (970-453-3272).
·         Current holders must purchase the Unlimited Lesson Pass by Nov. 15th in full in order to guarantee the $TBD price. 
·         Participants may redeem one Ski & Ride School group lesson ticket per day on the morning of the lesson. The Breckenridge Unlimited Lesson Passes are valid for classes Thursday through Sunday only. The lesson ticket is NOT TRANSFERABLE. You must have your season pass present to obtain a lesson ticket.
·         On you first day stop into a Ski & Ride School office to fill out a release form, a Breckenridge Unlimited Pass agreement of understanding, and to obtain a lesson ticket. After your first day you will not be required to fill out a release however you will still need to obtain a lesson ticket.
·         Valid Thursdays through Sundays.
·         Breckenridge Adult Unlimited Ski & Ride School Pass redemption unavailable: 12/24/-01/03, 01/09-01/10, 1/16-1/17, 2/13-2/14 & 3/13-04/04
·         Must be 14 years of age or older to participate in this program.
·         Lessons meet at normal class lesson times, 9:45am for morning lessons and all day lessons. Afternoon lessons are only available to novice skiers and riders, levels 1-4, and depart at 1:30pm.
·         Participants may request to ski or ride with a specific instructor. We will make every effort to accommodate instructor requests but reserve the right to make assignments according to business needs and policies. The final decision lies with the supervisor and not the instructor.
·         All dates/times/locations subject to change. please call 1888-576-2754 (970-453-3272) for updated information.
See you on the snow!
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top includes Epic passholders while bottom says only Summit & CO passholders??
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I simply copied what the ski school office sent to me. I assume the Epic pass would be included but you may want to check with the ski school.
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The Breck Lesson pass is a pretty kick butt program.   I have a number of lesson reviews on my website .  I look forward to seeing you on the hill.
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Just finished ordering my Breckenridge Unlimited Ski Lesson Pass over the phone. Price was the advertised $225. Really quite a great deal.
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I just noticed Keystone is also offering a competing package this year. Different days of the week. Same super low price. Found at   coloradopass.com   lessons
Adult Unlimited Lessons at Keystone

The Keystone Unlimited Ski & Ride School Lesson Pass allows you to take unlimited lessons with the Keystone SKi & Ride School throughout the 2009-10 season. The Unlimited Lesson pass is available for $225 through November 15, 2009. The pass is valid Sundays through Wednesdays*. The pass is available for purchase at all Front Range pass sales locations.

  • Keystone Ski & Ride School only product, lift tickets not included
  • Participants may redeem one Lesson per day on the morning of the lesson
  • Offer only available to Summit/Colorado season pass holders only age 15 and older
  • Lessons are non-transferable
  • Must be purchased by November 15, 2009
  • Restricted 12/27/09-1/30/10, 1/17/10-1/18/10, 2/14/10-2/17/10, 3/14/10-3/24/10


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Those both sound like great deals if you have a pass and visit frequently.  I wonder how often the lessons are "full".

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Did anyone do this at Breckenridge or Keystone last season? Would be very interested in feedback if so.

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I've done the Breck pass for the past three seasons.  I's quite a deal.  Some of the groups get a bit large, particularly the level 9 group.  I generally find it better to drop down to the level 8's and get one of my favorite coaches.  Lots of locals use the pass and the level 9 group to cut lines and free ski.  You can get what you want, but it does take some experience to get it.


But it's a hell of a bargain.



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I started doing the program in 2002 - when i t was $99.  It is a great program for both skiing and socializing (if you want the social part). You get a chance to ski with a variety of instructors and no lift lines.


This year tele lessons are included in the unlimited pass.  I now teach at Breck so if you have any questions about specific instructors, please feel free to pm me.

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I bought the Breck pass. Hey, the best thing about this deal is you get to cut the line on weekends, but apparantly Keystone is not good on Sat?

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