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The MAR criterium TR , the way all crits should be run.

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A crit TR from a newbie roadie.

yesterday was the second to last Crit at the local oval. since the series points was over, the organizers decided to change things up a bit. Instead of only the last lap counting(which = boring) every lap won would be a point and at least 2 dollars in your pocket(this is much more exciting). Most laps won would win with tiebreaking being dollars won.

this was my 5 th crit ever but I was really excited to hear how this one would be run. I hate normal crits where people just refuse to work and just wait till the end to bunch sprint. Being a 30 lap race that meant there would be 30 sprints to the line! awesome! may the strongest rider win.

After 3 neutral laps we are off and the pace is blistering approaching 30 mph on the back straight. I pusher harder to get myself into top 5 before the last turn. Coming around the last turn I eye up the fastest rider and get on his wheel and start cranking, 30 yards before the line I have him and he gives up. First lap goes to me. I soft pedal and return to mid pack to rest.

A little before 10 laps in, I find myself near the front of the pack again. Pretty rested at this point I go for it again. The clueless riders unknowingly give me a lead out train and I pull ahead far enough I can actually soft pedal across the line. Someone counter attacks my attack though so I get on his wheel. Follow him all the ways though the last turn and outsprint him to line. 2 more laps to me 3 laps total. I soft pedal and fall to the back to rest and get some water.

around 15 laps in I again find myself near the front. I notice some very fast sprinters around me this time it wont be so easy. Coming around the last turn I start leap frogging them using them as leadouts and find myself in a dual to finish with the series leader. I somehow out power him and win this lap by a couple feet. I notice we have really stretched out the pack and there alot of fast riders around me. I do not soft pedal ths time but instead start to drop the hammer down I lead the small pack off riders though the .5 mile course including the last turn. Coming around the last turn I let off the pedals, then hammer as hard I can get over to the far right so they cant steal my slip stream and get my 5th lap. I am now at 5 laps still feeling ok. I drop to mid pack and wait for my next chance.

10 laps to go I see my chance sitting in 10thish place the pack slows on the back straight where there is a tail wind. I decide to breakaway to get the lap and noone follows. Hammering and not looking back this time I cross the finish line with a huge gap.6 laps to me now.  Another lap? sure why not. The front is now motivated though and catching up fast. last straight away I am trying to sprint but cant me left leg is cramping up. I watch me buddy John passes me, I hang on to his wheel for second but my left leg is cramping bad. I drop to the back and my left leg is still cramping. Going down the back straight I unclip me left leg and try to shake the cramp out and it works but I am still toast. I left nothing out there today. I catch up to the back of the pack and let them pull me to the finish. I still won 6 laps.

At the end 3 people tie with 6 laps lead. Me, my buddy John, and some older guy who I forget his name now. They won the tiebreakers over me do to winning high dollar laps so I ended up third overall first Cat 5. I got third, my buddy John got 2nd, and the old guy got first.

Crit stats

average speed - 25.7 mph
my top speed - 42.5 mph

To top it off I rode to this crit with my buddy john. The crit was 18 miles and to get there was 22 miles and to get back was 22 miles. So 62 miles at 18.0mph for the night. This weekend 24 hours of springs. =)
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Impressive, Josh.  Keep it up.

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Good job, sounds like you're getting out there and mixing it up real well.

I never could do criteriums until our club started a series of miss-and-out races.  A sprint every lap, and the whole pack had to sprint....the last rider each lap is eliminated so the rear of the pack collapses real fast at the line.  Great fun.

We'd finish off with a Polish miss and out---First rider each lap gets to quit.
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like I said I tied the top 2 with the same laps but was un aware that dollar amount would matter for the tie breakers at the end.
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