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trip to killington, staying in Sunrise village

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We really want to get as close to ski-in/ski-out as possible.  We found a few places in Sunrise village.   We want to be able to meet back at the condo for lunch or breaks.  The person on the phone made it sound like it's quite an effort to get back and forth to the Sunrise village.  You have to first ride the sunrise village triple, then ski over to bear mountain.  There you have access to Skye peak express which gets you to the rest of the mountain. 

I've never been to Killing ton before, my college kids really want to go there.  I would like to hear any experiences of actually staying at those condos.  Can you get back and forth to the rest of the mountain easily?

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I make an annual trip to Killington for an extended Super Bowl weekend ski trip with my brothers.  We have stayed at the Sunrise condos for about 10 years now.  Sunrise is not on the Killington access road or in the main hotel/condo area.  It is served by its own lift.  To access the main ski areas, you ride the Sunrise lift and then ski down to the bottom of Bear Mountain.  From there, you can either take the Bear lift to access the trails on Bear Mountain (the lift rides right up along the Outer Limits trail), or the new Sky Peak Express Quad to the trails on Skye Peak.  There is no doubt that getting to and from Sunrise is a bit more out of the way.  If your primary skiing will be on Killington Peak, Snowdon or Rams Head, it does take a few lift rides trails to get there.  It is also not as close to any of the famous Killington night life.  If you go primarily to ski, however, it is a nice option away from the crowds and noise.  It does have its own amenity center with an indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room, exercise room and restaurant.  If I can help with any additional info., let me know.
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I've never stayed in Sunrise Village, but I think you would enjoy it. I have stayed in condos near the main Killington base and along Rt4 over by Skyeship base. Sunrise beats both of those for ski-in convenience and has a nicer "woodsy" feel. Killington is a big place, especially horizontally, so you'll always have some traveling to do to get from one side to the other, but returning to Sunrise from, say Killington Peak, can be done without any lift rides. If your college kids are aggressive skiers they will enjoy being close to Bear Mtn. Sunrise is also good if any in your group are very mellow skiers because there are a lot of LONG low-crowd green circle runs over there.
PS:  welcome to Epicski.

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I didn't know that lift was still there!  Sunrise was originally another "entry" to Killington with its own parking lot and a small base lodge.  We used to park there because nobody knew about it and we could park very close to the lift.  (Maybe the fact that nobody used it was why it was re-purposed. Ya think?)

We would do a few warmups on Sunrise to the midstation (there was one very short but steep bit called "The Judge" I remember fondly) and then head to Bear.  The midstation has almost certainly been removed, cause it wouldn't make sense for a condo access lift.

It is definitely out of the way. It was (presumably still is) a fairly long run with some flat spots (but no walking).  We usually only took it for those warmups and then to get back to the car at the end of the day. 

To some extent, whether "out of the way" is too far out of the way will depend on where you are skiing.  As one of the previous posters said, Killington is a big place horizontally.  From Bear, probably ok for a lunch break, if you aren't too driven. From Superstar, maybe. From Rams' Head or Killington Peak, it is definitely too far.
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With the new Skye Peak Quad, getting out of Sunrise/Bear is much more convenient.  The comments about being out of the access road action are right on.  Depends what you want.  Note that early and late season, you have to drive all the way around to K1 or Snowshed/Rams Head bases, so make sure the lifts over there will be open when you are planning to go.

Note that condos in the "Village" on the main side (Pinnacle. Trail Creek, etc.) have shuttle bus access to the slopes and some have ski home trails.  The Killington Grand Hotel gives you access to Showshed via a short walk across the Snowshed pond bridge. 
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