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Boot Fitter close to Santa Maria, CA?

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I will be relocating to Santa Maria, CA in October.  I will mostly be skiing at Squaw and Alpine Meadows (military ski free).  I need to get some boots and would like to go to an ABB Shop or at least a reputable boot fiiter.  There seems to be four logical choices to me:

1.  Ski Net Sports, Studio City, CA - Claude (2 hours 36 minutes away) - closest location - could pick up pre-season
2.  Mel Cotton's Sporting Goods, San Jose, CA (3 hours 36 minutes away) - I can stay with my aunt in Diablo
3.  California Ski Company, Berkeley, CA (4 hours 21 minutes away) - again, can stay with my aunt in Diablo
4.  The Start Haus, Truckee, CA (6 hours 57 minutes away) - close to Squaw & Alpine for day to day adjustments as I ski

I would probably also throw in Sierra Jim into the mix in Sacramento (5 hours 26 minutes away - could stay in Diablo).

So do I go for one of the closer shops and purchase pre-season to try to save some money or wait until I go up for my first tracks and work with The Start Haus so I can have multiple iterations on the boot fit if needed while I am skiing local?


(all driving times based on google driving directions).

Other info:

Second year skier (skied 10 non-consecutive days in 2008/2009, mid-west, 3 individual lessons, self-graded level 6 skier)
Age: 28
Like to cruise groomers, not interested in bumps or super steeps
Size 8.5 Nike running shoes, Size 8 leather Hush Puppies dress shoe
Narrow to medium foot width
Goal is to ski 20+ days in the 2009/2010 season
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Weeellll,  you can get unnumbered choice #5 with choice #4 since Sierra Jim is now at StartHaus in Truckee. As you said, availability for adjustments & tweeking will be minutes away from your skiing vs ALL  the other choices which will be hours away after the initial purchase.  Go local for where you will be skiing. Choices 1-3 aren't even local for you.  Also, pre-season deals just may not be there for what you will need, and who's to say what screamin' deal you could be missing at the Start Haus ? 
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Well Star Haus it is ... that was easy! 

Now, assuming I can drive around all those fires in CA (coming from Ohio), I will anxiously monitor the snow conditions in Tahoe ..

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haha.  At the moment, you could  enter California just before Truckee, miss most of this past week's fires, & stop to check pre-season sales. Then visit the aunt on the way south.  Last I checked, Santa Maria is still intact ?
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Well, I am inside a month from moving out to CA and I am looking forward to my winter at Tahoe ... as I have read more and more about boots and boot fitters, I have come across many reviews stating that the Start Haus, while one of the best, caters towards racers.  As I stated in my original post, I am a second year skier, at 5'10", 155-160 lbs, I don't ski fast or aggressively (I like to cruise the blue groomers), but I do want to improve my form and technique.  I checked out their website (understanding that this does not represent their entire inventory, but it didn't seem like they carried too many intermediate 80-90 flex boots.  Is this a valid concern, or will they be able to get me into something appropriate for my level/ability?
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I'm sure the Starthaus will be able to help you out.  Sierra Jim posts on here frequently & perhaps he will chime in.  If not try sending him a PM, he always seems quite helpful & informative on this site.  Also, you could post in the Bootfitters forum where Bud H. & Jim S. sometimes give info, they are both top notch bootfitters & associated with the Starthaus.
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Dude if its a good boot fitter go ahead but cant they fit your boots at your local ski area?
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Originally Posted by FB User (Private) View Post

Dude if its a good boot fitter go ahead but cant they fit your boots at your local ski area?
i am sure it is the same in the US as it is in Europe, there are some resort shops who sell boots very well but don't fit them...it all depends what you are looking for, want the job done properly find the good fitter, not fussed, settle for the back street shop at the local hill
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Make an appointment, then go see Claude. He really knows what he's doing.
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