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q-ns about soreness

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I went skiing yesterday and had a blast.
I'm a bit surprised today that my shoulders and triceps are somewhat sore... Anyone have any idea why that may be (i suppose it is related to pole plants somehow, am I doing something wrong) I am not in top shape but i am not a fat muscle-less seal either.
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I was going to ask if you skied at Sunshine but I guess you're not around here. The pole planting must of been pretty aggressive. Probably a lot of eccentric loading. It's like a cyclist who goes running, the legs are strong but the eccentric loading is different from the usual concentric loading and you get stiff. It's like the first hard powder day of the year. No matter how fit you are it always makes you stiff. By the way, I'll bet there's some pretty buff seals out there.
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Did you have to do any pushing around on level ground?

Do you ski with a hard edge set and pole plant to trigger turns?
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I know it doesn't feel like the upper body gets much of a work out compared to the lower body, but I notice it in the mirror. All that discipline takes work.
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I've skied almost 30 days this season and had no upper body soreness until yesterday. Suddenly new traverses and hikes had opened and I was pushing myself all over the place with my poles in order to move faster and now my triceps, shoulders and upper back are really sore. I remember one day last year where the lift line area wasn't flat and my wrists got sore from holding myself still with my poles. I would guess that your upper body stiffness originated with something like that, instead of with your skiing.
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Originally posted by Kneale Brownson:
Did you have to do any pushing around on level ground?

That would connect to my question about Sunshine, but he's not from near there.

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Originally posted by L7:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Kneale Brownson:
Did you have to do any pushing around on level ground?

That would connect to my question about Sunshine, but he's not from near there.</font>[/quote]not too much pushing around really (i was at kirkwood) skied mostly tracked powder and groomers
i was wondering if the soreness could be an indication that there is something wrong with my pole plants but it may be just that i skied more aggressively than i usually do .
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Both sets of muscles of opposing muscle groups must be trained, along with the upper back. A regimine of sit ups can strenghten the lower back.

To train and strengthen the upper body for skiing at a work out facility, to begin with, I would suggest some lat pull downs, bicep curls, and some tricep extensions.

If at home, push ups from a knealing position [ this protects your lower and vulerable back. ] Tricep training by sitting at the bottom of stairs, your butt right next to the bottom step, with your palms behind you on the first step, and then lift your body SLOWLY and deliberately off the ground. Biceps, use some heavy cans of food as weights. Do two to three sets with about ten to 12 reps per set.

Elastic cords are also good.

Some other ideas: after skiing, stretch all your muscles, vigorously walk around including swinging your arms for about five minutes, pop about 1000 mg. of vitimin C and E each,take on some serious protein as soon as possible, carbo load for your evening and morning meals, avoid the booze with the possible exception of ONE glass of a flavanoid laiden red wine to be consumed with the protein, take on lots and lots of fluids, and get a good night's sleep.
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