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Tyler Thorburn - RIP

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His name probably won't mean much to any of you but this news has made me very sad today.  Tyler Thorburn was a young Jackson Hole skier who died while skiing at Las Lenas in Argentina last week.  He was 28.

Tyler and I never skied together, but I wish we had.  We talked about it several times in passing but never did.  We saw each other often at the beginning or end of backcountry forays up in the Tetons.  He also was a ski patroller at Snow King and had ambitions of being a ski guide some day.

I first met him several years ago when he was a checker at our local little market.  He was always smiling, super friendly and easy to talk to.  We quickly learned that we shared a passion for backcountry skiing and every time we saw each other we'd catch up on where each of us had been skiing and what the conditions were like.  The last time I saw him was early this past May.  I had just skied in Teton Park and he had just skied Fairy Peak (a difficult peak in south of Jackson in the Snake River Range).  He was really excited about having skied a new place.

A few years ago, he got a job at C Bar V, a special needs school here in Jackson for grades 1-12.  I know from several conversations how much he loved that job and the kids he worked with.

It's just really a shame when something like this happens.  Tyler was as enthusiastic a skier as I've ever met.

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 So sad for this loss Bob.  Someone like this leaves a mighty big foot print on the hearts of those he has met.
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 I can't believe that I don't know him.  Fairy Peak is an awsome looking ski.  Really steep fluted spines and a difficult access.  It looks like AK.  
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It always hits hard when someone so young & vibrant goes too soon :(
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 Crap!  I did know him and helped train him last year.  I wasn't that involved at the King last season and didn't learn all the new guys names.  I would have loved to pick his brain about Fairy Peak.  I always stare at it while boating early season.
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 I just got back from Tylers wake.  I was a very nice affair at the base of The King.   There were about 100 people for a while.  I spoke with his father and was impressed with how nice his family was and how active they had been in the outdoors.  A lot like my own family.  I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen for a long time.  There was Bluegrass music and a slide show.  I was surprised by the volume of photos of Tyler in a variety of outdoor pursuits.  I have done a lot of stuff, but I am about twice his age and don't have the evidence to prove it.  He was always smiling in every photo.  Before I went I was struggling to put the face with the name, now I do remember him from training.  I wish I could have gotten to know him better and worked some shifts with him.
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I'm glad you could go.  I had a thing I couldn't get out of so I wasn't there.

It's just sad.
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 Threads like these always make me a tad emotional.  I watched Steep again last night and am always in awe of the amazing skiers that have passed doing what they love.
It's almost eerie to hear Shane McConky talk about how much he loved combining skiing and base jumping, and to hear the words of Doug Coombs......
Voices that inspire us to respect the mountains while we embrace its playground.
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