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Advice on New All-Mountain Twins

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I'm looking for advice on a new setup this year, my 5 year old Head POSes don't have edges anymore, and I might as well walk on them, and I'd like something a step up from my K2 Silencers. I am looking for an all-mountain twin, something that I can enjoy on a real mountain skiing in the crud and powder, and yet something that can live up to the ice and hardpack of my home mountain foothill. I'd also like to get into park skiing, I've been trying a bit of jibbing and whatnot.

I've done a lot of research, and I've come up with a few skis that seem to fit the bill. My height - 5'10" Weight - 150lbs Skill - Experienced.

Volkl Bridges - 177s

Volkl Gotamas - 177s

K2 Kung Fujas - 179s

K2 Extremes - 179s

I've decided that Salomon STH 12s or 14s are good bindings, and I'm looking at the Salomon Ghost boots.


- All-mountain, emphasis on hardpack performance, but still able to ski it all
- Twin-tip, I rarely ski forwards :P

What do you think? I'm leaning towards the Bridges or Kung Fujas.

EDIT: And 4FRNT MSPs look pretty applicable.
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I have the 2007 Volkl Bridge's. They are an awesome ski! Also it seems like we both have the same needs: a really good all mountain ski that powers through crud, fat enough for powder, and its also a twin tip so you can mess around in the park. I was also similar size (almost exactly the same size) when I bought these skis which was 5'10" 155 lbs (weird!) and also an expericed skier (skiing regularly since i was four). I bought my skis in a 169 but I like to ski my skis short.  I love these skis and I can't really find much wrong with them except the edges chip but that doesn't affect your skiing. Anyway I would highly recommend these skis these standards.

good luck!
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Thanks for the input, man!

I think I'm going to go for the Bridges or MSPs, probably the bridges. After reading more reviews it seems that the Bridge is highly recommended. I've got a pair of K2 Silencer 169s, and I find that they may be a tad short, especially since I live for speed. 177s might be a bit long in the bumps, though.

What about the Gotama? How does it compare to the Bridge?
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Hey Cole; I've owned the Bridge, the Gotama and the MSP and you are looking at three very fine skis.  The Goats are my everyday ski (pretty much everyone loves those but I am not a fan of the 2010 mildly rockered  version) and last year I started the season on 185 Bridges as a "skinny" for when it hadn't snowed in a bit.  The Bridge has a glassy feel and you can ski it in a bunch of conditions.  Its lively and a bit on the stiff side but very manageable.  I had the opportunity to jump on a pair of 187 MSP's and liked those better because they felt damper.  The felt a little more user friendly off piste.  Also, with the pretty big taper on the Bridge I felt the tip hooking a little bit on the firm stuff (although that could be me).  But what's noteworthy about the MSP is that as you go down in size the dimensions drop so at 187 its similar but wider underfoot as the Bridge, but as you drop in length the MSP gets skinnier.  So at a shorter length it would seem to me to have an on trail bias.  Of those three if you think you are going to be on trail most of the time my guess is MSP or Bridge and off trail would be Bridge or Goat.  But all good skis.
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Take a look at the Dynastar Sixth Sense Big (08 Big Trouble) as well....they are relatively stiff torsionally and hold a very good edge on hardpack. To my knowledge, they are pretty similar to the Volkl Bridges as far as stiffness and carving ability. I do know the new Kung Fujas has slight tip and tail rocker kind of like the Salomon Lord, and is also notorious for being very soft and more park oriented. If you want a good carver with great crud, powder and park capabilities though, definitely take the Big Trouble into consideration.

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I am on the verge of buying the Bridge as an East coast ski for pow days and woods.  I am 55, 5'10 and 185#.  My choices were down to Bridge and Scott Mission.  177cm for length, but I am drawn to ski a shorter length for the woods.  That goes against my own "advice", so at this point in time I guess it's 177.

Right now my main ski has been the Nordica Top Fuel in a 170.

I read the review in Skiing and they loved the Bridge.

A twin tip for an old boy?
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Thanks for all of the input, I think I'm going with my original choice of the Bridge.
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