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Originally Posted by SKI-3PO View Post

Is "Comprex-ish" in the Encyclopedia of Skiing?

"Trekliese" = skiing while wearing triangles?

Sure, we can call it that, especially with my incredible A-frame! 
Thank goodness I found an amazing bootfitter to fix me!
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Aspen on 120 cm ski boards, SWEET!
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MR, check out this pic from a TR on TGR

Originally Posted by MastersRacer View Post

I don't read real estate ads. The Ten Mile is my view when I walk to the paper in the morning.

What kills me is this:


Angulation from the neck up? And what is he doing with his arms?
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I think he has to go to the bathroom BAD!

I may be wrong, either that or super-tight underwear sometimes makes you angulate funny...
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