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Suggestions for 1 day trip for a youth group headed to Summit Co.

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I'm chaperoning a youth conference trip out to Colorado the 2nd week in Feb.  We are talking about leaving a day early and spending the day on a mountain.  There are going to be about 20-30 of us going and so I'm looking for suggestions on the best and most economical in that general area.  The last time I was in Summit Co. was about 13 years ago, I go to Steamboat every year and can't find a good reason not to, but Steamboat is well out of our way for this trip.

Youth conference is in Colorado Springs, CO so if there is something good closer to that area, that may also be a good possibility but I know there are a lot of great places in Summit Co so that was my 1st choice.  Almost everyone will have to rent skis/boots/poles and we'd need a place to stay fairly close to the mountain for ~25 people for 1 night.   We're talking about teens so it doesn't need to be a nice resort.  Most of them have skied before but the majority will probably stick to greens and blues.

They have gone to Michigan skiing before but for most of them, this will be the 1st time they've seen the Rockies so they probably won't be disappointed no matter where we go.

I guess what I'm looking for is :
1. Cheaper lift tickets
2. Economical lodging availability

Copper seems to be a good place for the type of ski levels we have but I don't know if that's the best choice.  Any suggestions?
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There are other Summit County locals who can give you more info, but offhand, i'd say either Loveland or A-Basin meet your needs. both about 3 hours from the Springs.

Crested Butte is about 4 hours away, but another option is Monarch Mountain which is about 2 1/2 hours from the Springs. It is a great mountain for one day. Variety of terrain including hike-to Mirkwood Basin. It is small, but for only one day, may fit your bill. It's cheap. really good homemade cheap food in the base lodge restaurants. very pretty scenery. Another plus is it is pretty much impossible for anyone to get lost there. everything eventually gets you to the base.
check out their website...
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If you are driving from Colorado Springs, Monarch and Breckenridge are nice because you can avoid driving through Denver.  This is less important during the week.

Monarch is way cheaper, but I'm not sure if it has any high speed lifts.  I haven't been there in a few years.

Copper is very nice, but if you go the back way from Colorado Springs, you have to drive through Breckenridge to get there, which I find very painful - they are both great, so it's hard to drive another half an hour to Copper. 

The gravity is powerful in Breck.  I usually get sucked into the parking lot there when I go the back way.
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Another plus for Monarch is that you can stay at the Monarch lodge which was a once charming resort hotel. It's totally isolated, so kids can't get in trouble. It's a bit down at the heels but very cheap and includes breakfast. Barring that, you can stay in any number of hotels/motels in Salida. All of these options should be way cheaper than anything in Summit County. Although the skiing at Loveland or A-basin is not expensive, the hotels will cater to all the summit resort and will not be as cheap as Monarch.

Probably no high-speed lifts, (can't remember)  but do you care?
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You might look into Sol Vista too.  I think there is a YMCA camp outside of Winterpark.
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I second Monarch or Breck. Sol Vista is going to a long drive through Denver. If you are going to drive through Denver, you may as well go to Loveland. You may be able to find some place to stay in Georgetown.  I would call both places and ask about group rates. I think Breck may even have some lift/lesson/rental deals which would make it really easy.
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Have you thought about Ski Cooper? http://www.skicooper.com/ It is a small family oriented area. Leadville is just down the road and has very affordable accomodations. It is a nice drive to the Springs from there, too. Leadville and Ski Cooper are quite historic and a real slice of CO.

Where are you coming from? From the East just drive past Vail on I-70 then head South for about an hour. When you leave you just head South from Leadville and take a major two lane highway to the Springs.

I can hook you up with the race director who can help you out. He is very kid oriented. Just PM me.

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Contact whatever area you decide on about tickets.  At most areas 25 will get you group rates.

Coppers naturally divided terrain might put your kids all over the place. I guess that could be good or bad. 

I'd say NO to A-Basin.  WAY too easy for green and blue level skiers to get in over their heads quickly there.

Monarch is a good choice.

Breck is a good choice so long as it isn't Presidents week....then it could be fairly busy.

Cooper and Loveland are both inexpensive and never crowded.
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From Colorado Springs, I would vote for Monarch.  It is a smaller area with one central base area, so it is very easy for everyone to meet up, it has a good mix of terrain for every level and very good instructors.  Plus, it is the closest skiing to Co. Springs.
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 I'll second going to Monarch ski area.  The drive is the same amount of time as it is to get to Summit county areas, just a lot less busy.  It'll have plenty of terrain to keep everyone interested and it's a very uncrowded place.  Lift tickets are reasonable.  Monarch Lodge is just down the pass from the ski area and should be able to accomodate everyone.  Even cheaper deals can be had in Salida, but the accomodations are all roadside motel style that I have seen.  


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must be an echo in here!

Monarch is actually about an hour closer in drive time from the Springs.

Is the OP still here?
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