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Temporary Ski Jumps

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Did you know that ski jumps were portable??? I didn't

or how about this one?

Anyone recognize Soldier Field in Chicago?

Pretty insane.

here's the entire story

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I dunno, I'm pushing the BS button on this. Soldier field looks feasible, but I doubt they hat the technology to refrigerate outdoor surfaces that large very well at Dodger Stadium in LA in that day and age.   But, if it is real it's breathtaking,
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that is INSANE!  A fabulous example of adding chlorine into the gene pool.
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I can see how the snow part might not hold up in court... But the article does look pretty genuine. Plus thus was 50 + years ago....Global warming had only destroyed half of the glaciers...
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found this "The enormous slope was covered with tons of crushed ice rather than snow."

read that link. has all the info
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