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Vail 12/24 to Jan 2

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Help.............a friend is looking for an 'extreme' guide for these dates....yeah, yeah, I know....all the good ones are taken already!

He , my friend, is a really good skier, he normally skis at Whistler. He likes cornices, trees, powder, bumps. He always skis with
the Extreme program @ Whistler.

He is, also, an oxymoron....a generous Canadian!

Thanks, guys.
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A buddy of mine was a professional extreme skier before retiring a few years ago...don't think he is a licensed guide, but he has lived in the area a long time & tries to ski all 12 months locally.  I think he prefers going out the gates at A-Basin rather than Vail, but his drywall business has slowed down, so I could see if he is interested.  Is your friend looking for something everyday, or just part of the trip?  
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ME....I have just emailed my friend to get all schedule details. Thnx for your reply
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