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Green runs at Big Sky

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Are the green runs at Big Sky normal in difficulty, or more difficult than normal?
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The green runs at Big Sky are normal in difficulty. Most of the runs are extra extra wide. Flatiron Mountain has two chairs for novice skiers: Southern Comfort and Lone Moose, and over on Lone Peak there's the Explorer lift and terrain. Novices' next step is to Swiftcurrent lift and ski friendly Mister K.  See Eastern Exposure trail map.
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The biggest problem you might have with the green runs at Big Sky is they can be very long compared to what many people are used to.  This is especially true if you are skiing with little kids.  Stick to Explorer Chair if you want shorter runs.  Besides the length, you'll find the green runs at Big Sky easy to ski due to how wide open they are and how empty they are on weekdays.
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Well, wait a minute....normal compared to what?  WoodDuck, where do you normally ski?  Personally I consider Big Sky normal, but if you normally ski at some place with a 200 foot vertical, the green there might be more like a parking lot.  Remember, you can't compare the green at one mountain to the green at another, but only to the other trails at that particular resort.
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I dunno--I think there's more agreement about the color green than the colors blue or black. 
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I have skied at a dozen resorts in the West.  I am more concerned about our traveling companions.  Last year we skied at Sun Valley, and I thought the greens were more like blues.  As examples, Keystone and Beaver Creek have "normal" greens.

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The green runs at Big Sky are "normal" and pretty interesting overall.  The less experienced skiers in our group particularly enjoyed the Southern Comfort area.  Sun Valley has some of the steepest greens out there and is definitely not in the "normal" range.

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Sounds like you have a calibration there from SB77.  I think that's what's needed. 
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Hi WoodDuck--welcome to EpicSki!

Since I work at Keystone, and have coached the EpicSki Academy at Big Sky, I can tell you that the green runs at Big Sky are not any more difficult than at Keystone. There is a pretty good variety at Big Sky, too--more than Keystone, with several distinct areas of the mountain that you will probably like. The crowds at Big Sky are insignificant compared with Keystone. If you enjoyed Keystone, I'll bet you'll like Big Sky!

Have fun.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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