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basic skill drills for beginners

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I'll see if I can get this right this time. Post your drills for beginner novice skiers here and we'll work up to more advanced skiers.
I copied rusty's post here to get things started.
By Rusty Guy:
The most simple way to describe the movement is that it is a series of steps. Steps to the right or left while in motion. Imagine traversing a slope to the right. One variation would be to step up the hill to the right beginning with the right foot. That is key. It involves all the movements that exist in any ski turn.....tipping, turning, flexion, extension. Shortening the steps and increasing the cadence becomes two thousand steps, then four thousand steps, etc. It is a drill and in so doing the skis are picked up and diverge then converge. It is akin to the movement of a skater or rollerblader changing direction.

At a higher level think of gentle slope and again completing a circle or loop at slow speeds by stepping around a large circle. In making a loop or circle one will actually go straight uphill for a second. Another variation is to start from a stand still on flat terrain and just step/skate a large figure eight. You can make the eight any size you want. In so doing you obviously "go" in both directions. This is the ultimate "go there" movement or offensive movement and is a training tool to instill "right tip right to go right and left tip left to go left". One ancillary benefit is the drill teaches inside foot steering.

I assure all this will be covered in great length at the ESA and will serve as a basis for the "epic turn
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I think there is under explored value in building the foundation of both movement and understanding with beginners before they even put on their ski boots. These are then to be continued with further reinforcement in once in ski boots before putting on the skis.

Lateral rolling/tipping of the feet builds an awareness of the movements used to control edging, and recruits an initial natural balancing reaction with out the stiffening influences of awkward and slippery skis. I focus on leading with rolling/tipping toward little toe and matching foot sole and leg shaft angles.

I will hold their feet to gradually increasing resistance to the rolling/tipping so that they experience larger muscles being recruited up the legs and into body core. This builds an understanding of how the body naturally responds to the "intent" to do something specific with the feet, that starts with movement of the feet.
Once in ski boots this rolling/tipping experience is repeated.
Additionally, I have them explore fore/aft flexion of ankles to discover when the toe or heel of the boot lifts up. This establishes a fore/aft balance range that is clearly biased foreword to remain in balance.

Shuffling in figure-8's while reinforcing the rolling/tipping to an edge leads to and edge-change process at the crossing of each 8 and change of direction. I re-enforce the focus of leading the change by rolling/tipping to the leading little toe. This exercise can be demonstrated to be just like skiing linked turns from the top-to-bottom of the 8.

Once on skis, the process is repeated, continuing to build upon this foundation of movements from the feet, and understanding that these movements are natural, efficient and the motivation that their use will lead to rapid learning of skiing.

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I was in a large clinic last winter with Bob B where we went to the top of a run, got off to the side, took off our skis and shuffled for about thirty minutes.

He looked at all our tracks seeking "signs" of heel displacement.
It was a large group. As we put our skis back on he said to no one in particular, "now watch the difference in everyone's skiing".

Boy was he correct!

I had forgotten about this until you mentioned it. I guess the moral is it works at every level. Great post!

P.S. I look back fondly at our day at Loveland last year. It was 103 here today. I'm headed to Steamboat for the weekend to try to find a little relief. Hope you make the trek again next winter.
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