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Looking for Tahoe Groomer Ski Suggestions

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My old Dynastar Skicross SC09 skis are getting a bit tired and I might be looking for a replacement... my stats - 6'-2", 200 - 205 lbs, advanced-intermediate... spend just about all my time on the goomers with the wife and kids... looking for a ski that will tolerate some of my old school habits (mostly skidding at slower speeds and scarving sometimes) but do want to lose those habits and get better with the modern carving techniques... seems the day of the sub 70mm waist is gone as every time I hear about carvers, they are always getting up there in size... as long as a ski can carve well, I don't care what the waist dim. is...

I like my 178 SC09's but think the length could be a bit shorter... tried a friends Fischer RX 9's in 170 and loved them... also want the ski to be able to hold it's line through tracked out snow and crud without being deflected... am considering the following, but would like suggestions/comments on these and any others I should look at (length suggestions appreciated too):

Dynastar Contact 4x4
Dynastar Contact 10
Blizzard Magnum 7.6 or 8.1
Blizzard Supersonic IQ
Head Monster iM78
Head SS Magnum
Volkl AC30

any feedback on these or others I should look at for Tahoe groomers appreciated... thanks in advance.
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I manage and buy for a shop in Tahoe and because we have a strong race/instructor clientele, we sell a fair number of that type of ski. We find that within reason the extra width is not much of an advantage in the scraped off groomer residue or any soft leftovers that might occasionally sprinkle the groomers. OTH, as long as you are not a feet together kind of skier, the extra width is not that much of a disadvantage either. Any of the skis on your list would fit the bill as would a SC 10 from the same era as your old ones. Nordica makes a nice selection of high end carvers in the range of 67-70mm as well so if that's what you want, it's doable.

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thanks for the reply SJ... do you (or anyone else out there) know where I might be able to demo any of these manufacturers this coming season... I'd like to be able to demo as many of these as possible before pulling the trigger on a pair... what about the Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous as another possible groomer ski - too fat?  Also, no feet together skiing for me anymore... I like to keep my skis just under shoulder width apart or so (if that makes any difference).
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I would throw throw the Volkl Tiger Shark 10's w/switch in there as well...  They RIP the hard firm snow... (My personal choice)  I also really like the Contact 4x4...  Absolute ripper...  SS Magnum very nice as well....
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