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Inline skating training strange effects

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Well, during our holiday in Sardinia, one of our group, an inline skating pro, used to train. One of the effects was that after each session his outer abdominal area and his shoulders were covered with water filled blisters (very small).
He used to impute the thing to the friction skin-lycra body (and also to the nil "breathing" capabilities of lycra)...
Blisters were not painful at all, it was water droplets right underneath the last skin layer, if not for that, very similar to sweat droplets on the outside.
Well, yesterday after a (weak) training session, I discovered the same droplets on my right arm and shoulder, I had no lycra on,
but a cotton, sleveless, tee-shirt. As soon as I was passing my hand on the skin, the "blisters" were "exploding" and the water coming out in the open. It has been the very first time for me, so I'm curious.
My skin was sun burnt after a mountain hike last sunday but I don't see the relation. Is there?
It's almost as if the sweat can't come out from the pores and stops underneath the skin...
Anyone else seen this?

(edited, late, to correct spelling and grammar, sigh)
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You got heat bumps!

Yeah, I used to get those under the forehead schwitz band of the helmet.   Very irritating.


EDIT: very good description, by the way.   I knew what you were talking about instantly.
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Heat bumps eh?
Thanks Comprex!

P.S. I did not have red skin patches not experienced itchiness, but the description given helps me understand, the skin sun brìurn I had last sunday had somehow a part in the thing, skin was still hot for that, sum it to exercise (so rise in blood pressure and fatigue) and here the bumps appeared, only on the right arm, the one which was more exposed to the sun during the mountin hike. A slight hyper activity might be counted also, since at mid day I went to the swimming pool a lunch break to have my weekly swimming session....
I'll have the double check next Wednesday when I'll skate again (but no swimming), to see if heat bumps will appear again...
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Where the skin is thinner, like at the temples or at the webbing between fingers, I don't get much redness either, but the fluid is still there, bubbles one can *almost* see into.
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Well, this time I got none... I skated more or less at the same hour, same kind of clothes (except the T-shirt had short sleeves)
But it was definitely cooler...
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