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Classics Still Worth Riding

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A lot of people on Epic keep old skis around, to look at, to use as rock skis, or just to take out for a nostalgia run now and again.

That's not what I'm talking about.

This is about the old-timers some skiers swear by. For example, I've skied with guides who have great access to gear but stick to their old Volant Chubbs or Volkl Snow Rangers or Explosivs, collecting spare pairs and patching up the old ones.

Any other skis you can think of that fall into this category?
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 I have a pair of Volant Fat Bastards.  Those are tons of fun!!
I have a pair of Rossi ROC's that are interesting 
and a pair of The Ski(not vintage but still classic) that are fun and flickable.
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I still like my Kästle Super-Gs, but maybe that's just because I like to ski fast.  My Volant Machete G's are fun too, and a little more lively at sane speeds, probably not old enough to be "classic" though.
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Forgetting old straight skis, the first one that comes to mind in the Volant PowerKarve, it was the first real "mid-fat" at a whopping 73mm underfoot. I recall my first pair, I dropped down to a 193 from my 20X skis straight skis. At the time, Lola was skiing a 193 Dynastar X8 and really liking hte ski, I bought her a pair of 173 PowerKarves L's to have for "powder days" or if when he went west. She was real skeptical about such a short wide ski but reluctantly took a run on them. At the end of the run she was grinning ear to ear and said that she never wanted to see the X8's again. She progressed over to a couple of different skis over the next few years. Her 173 PK's were sitting on the garage and for fun I tossed some bindings on them for me to ski for a "crud" ski, I ended up skiing them for the good part of two seasons. 

It really is a shame Volant couldn't make it, they had some revolutionary skis 

FX-2...The first stainless steel cap ski, not a great ski but a start
G-max, one of the first flared tip GS ski with a tip over 90mm (93mm). The first race ski that I skied that was under 200cm, I skied it in a 198 and it was great ski.
Chubb..The name says it all
Spatula..The first reverse camber,reverse sidecut powder ski to revolutionize powderskiing
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We kind of hashed this about last spring:

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Hash, eh?
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slightly newer, with cults:

Fischer RX9, 2004-2006 Rc4 Worldcup SL
Atomic R:EX, GS, SX, SL:11, SL:12, Sugars
Stormrider XL
Elan 777 (old design)
Rossi 9X,9S oversize
Volkl G4/AX4
Intuitiv BiG+Nobis
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Head 360
Atomic Team Bionic SL
Salomon 3S
Hart Jubilees
Hexcel Split-tails
Rossi Roc 550
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I skied my Snow Rangers and Explosiv's last season. I also still love my Rossi 4Sk's too. There are many I still enjoy getting out on....
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Volkl really did take big risk when they drop the explosives from the line.  Some of the Altaholics were in tears when they heard the news.  You still see a lot of people on explosives at Alta and Snowbird.  I have a pair of The Atomic Rex that I put bindings on last season.  They are still one of the best skis for ripping things up a few days after the last snow.  Excellent crud busters and very reliable in really nasty snow conditions.  Wind scrubbed ridge lines, ice reefs mank or nasty crud it's all good on the Rex. Not the best ski for Powder But even here in Utah you can't find powder everyday.
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K2 Four 193 cm,.  K2 812 195 cm,  and Hart F-17 177 cm are the older ones I can't let go of,  I saw a pair of VOs in a thrift store the other day.  They were in terrible shape, top sheets all cracked around the tips with big chunks missing.  I almost bought them anyway,
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A good ski is a good ski, regardless of the current fashion.  I had one of the best days ever in the bumps at Telluride last year on my R:EXs  They rocked everything from the super tight East and West Drains to the big rollers on Powerline.  The slightly mellowed with age even overall flex was a perfect mathch for the big bumps, and I didn't care that they were about 5 years old,  I bought them used, and the top sheets were starting to delam, because the bottoms and edges were perfectly tuned.  I got some funny looks in the lift line, but none of those guys were passing me on the hill.

My wife has an even bigger love affair going with her Chubbs. 

The "classics" are classics for a reason.  They skied great for a lot of people, and the skis don't know what year it is.
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I own three pairs of Chubbs to be on the safe side. My best powder day in recent history was at Mary Jane two February's back with 18". I was on my Chubbs because my buddy was borrowing my other favorite old ski, the Atomic Powder Plus. Both have a place in history and my active quiver. APP was the first super fat powder specific. Shane McConkey was out on the 'old man' Chubbs when everyone else was still going long and skinny.

I just picked up a pair of excellent condition K2 Big Kahunas. They look cool and I'm sure they will be a regular go to ski this winter. 190cm, 115/87/115. Soft enough to bend to make any radius turn, I'm told.

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Originally Posted by MastersRacer View Post

I own three pairs of Chubbs to be on the safe side.

Bought a back up pair of Chubbs for the wife two years ago.  Got an older model after checking specs with Volant Addict to confirm the ski characteristics.  I didn't want to have to go through the emotional trauma if something happened to her current pair.
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Anyone here ride both the R:EX and the Kongur? 
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post

Anyone here ride both the R:EX and the Kongur? 

Wow! I had been looking for some Rex' s for an AT ski for a while now and was gettin' close to pullin the trigger on some Atomic D$ that are supposed to be a re-skinned Rex when I came across and snagged some Kongurs on ebay and was wondering the exact same thing! (Scored some NICE Snow Rangers for 15 bux too! )   
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I'll ski my Volant Spatula or Fischer Sceneo S500 anytime and would not want to sell them for any price.

The Fischer Sceneo S500, along with the Volkl 5 Star, was one of the first great all-mountain carvers. It's a great crudbuster and groomer zoomer.

Like Phil said, the Volant Spatula was a radical change is direction for ski design. Worthless on hardpack, It's still one of the best powder rides for trees and steep backcountry skiing.

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I expect I'll be doing the majority of my skiing on Chubbs as long as can find them. Their versatility is exceptional right up to the day that the fatal delam becomes too severe to ski. (I have seven skiable pairs including all of the different versions made, and in various conditions, from ready to blow apart, to fit as a fiddle)
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