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Pro Buying Boots

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I'd like to solicit opinions on the best way for a part-time instructor to purchase boots. I've got three seasons on mine and next year they get replaced (unless I decide to just go with new liners).

Last time I went to a very retail good shop, paid retail with a token pro discount and paid for alignment work.

Now I'm thinking with what I have to put up with as an instructor, I really deserve a full pro discount so I'd really like to buy on pro night and and then go to a good shop to pay for alignment work at retail rates.

The question is, what's the most ethical way to figure out what boots to buy. I'll only have a couple hours pro-night to try boots. I don't think it's that fair to go to a retail shop somewhere pretending to be a customer, ask for lot's of help, try on lot's of boots, and then leave without buying. Do you think it's okay to go to my home mountain shop and ask to try stuff on without taking up the sales person's time for any additional help or recommendations. Basically just say "get me this this and this in a size 10 and 10.5 and I'll take care of myself"? Is it worth it or do you think more help with alignment is selection time is needed?

So whata you all do?

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If you're on mountain shop is any good, you should be able to walk in and tell them you are looking to purchase on pro form and they will still help you get fitted.

Our particular on mountain shop is no good and doesn't even like to take the time to heat form someone's liners who just paid full pop retail...but that's another story.

I frequent an off mountain shop that is very friendly and offers me pro form at all times, in return, they know that myself and other instructors shopping there are spreading their name around to our clients whenever possible.

It's not unreasonable IMO to go in letting them know in advance you are looking to use your pro form (which you earned) and are willing to pay for any extra time needed for the fitting process. Just ask, I'm sure they will help.
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I went with new Zipfit liners. Way better than the originals in my Langes. They now fit better than they ever did, they can be modified at a later date, if necessary, and they will last for years (leather construction, a quality liner). The ProForm price from Steve Bagely over at Snowbird was 1/3 off regular price, or about $210.

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Go to a skiing trade show. Usually there are reputable shops with stock on hand at many of the shows. they bring in a lot of extra staff and such.
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Ask around the locker room, who looks after instructors, even part time ones.
It makes a lot of sense. I wonder how many retailers and suppliers really understand how much time we spend with the guests, most of whom have friends and family...?!
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