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Hello everyone,

Ive just been bit by the ski bug last year and I picked up the technique very quickly. I live in Michigan and skied the local slopes last year and this summer I took a trip to the Andes mts. in Chile where I skied in Valle Nevado - -good times, different levels. Very different..

Anyways, I've been looking at the Volkl Ac30's for my first pair and they have some good reviews at my local shops. I am 6'0"  200lbs (plan on getting down to 185-190 before the season) and I am a pretty aggressive carver. I can handle all blues and some blacks with ease and would consider myself a level 7 according to the ski level guide... I would like to dominate most blacks and the occasional double black.. As far as terrain parks, it would be cool to have a ski that can handle the flex but not lose too much on the groom. I don't think I will be landing switch anytime soon so twin tips are not necessary at this point=]

I like the AC30's because the bindings are not made from plastic and they are the most requested in my local shops. I plan on skiing all season so I need a pair that I can progress with and not outgrow.

Thanks in advance!
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