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Ski storage

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Hi all;
I'm being "forced" by my real estate agent to get my 8 pairs of skis out of our utility room in the house, (eliminate clutter), and move 'em to the outside unheated garage. Obviously the house is going on the market and we have to make it look good.

I waxed all of them at the end of the season and rubbed a soft wax on the edges. Am I likely to have issues storing them in this garage? We are warm and humid now and it'll get cold out there in the fall/winter, (NE New York).

I guess if the place sells and the wife and I are out on the street until we have something built, we'll have to choose our favorite pair and put the rest in long-term storage while we rent a place.
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Considering you are most of time using skis on snow, I doubt cold and humidity would make much damage to them, or what do you think? ;)
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Umm, you live in NY? How close to toe coast or sound are you?  Salt air isn't good for the edges or bindings IMO, but as long as the garage door is closed most of the time so fog and mist isn't bombarding them a garage should be OK for skis.  Also it is now probably cool enough so heat win't be an issue.  Extreme heat breaks down petrolium plastics and contact cement.over time.  Son't store the boots in a hot garage, but a cool one should be just fine.
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I used to store my skis over the summer in the garage years ago. Believe me that it's not a good idea, even though the ski edges had a coating of wax and the garage is insulated. Since storing them inside the house is not an option, you can try putting them in the basement with a dehumidifier on full time if you have the room. A dry basement is better for living and storage anyway.
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I think the most important thing would be to keep them off the floor and wrap them in some plastic until you can find a better place to store them. 
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