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Which "stunt" ?

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Which stunt, wether intentional or non intentional,do you remember with more "pleasure", "wonder" or else?

I am not talking about big mountain where jumps are part of the competition, I'm talking about "expressions of joy" like this one, Ghedina duringh Kitz DH (apparently he was thinking to try a back or front flip down the Mausefalle, don't know if I'm going to be "saddened" or "relieved" by his retirement before the "thought" became "action") :

Or this

Or un-intentional (Bode, Bormio WC DH 2005)  but still an expression of athleticsm "beyond" :
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Bode's fence jib in 2008 was pretty cool...

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 Bill Johnson DH in 1984 (crazy save)...

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I like this high speed GS turn ski ballet move by Bode. He finishes his whole turn on the outside edge of his right ski while his other ski is totally behind him the whole time. Pretty amazing recovery!

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I can't find a clip of it, but Bode's recovery just before the Buffalo jump in the 2002 olympic combined DH run was pretty amazing.  Also, Maier's crash in the Nagano DH was quite a stunt to have survived. & then go on to win a couple of gold medals.
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So, apparently 97% of the stunts documented are derived from recovery manoeuvres, not intentional like Ghedo's...
Are there any more "intentional" ones around ?
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