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TR: Mt Hood Timberline Aug 16, 2009

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Visited Timberline on Mt Hood Aug 16. Sunny (as usual) high near 55. Open 7a to 1:30p. Half price ticket for Fusion Pass holders (one time only during summer). It is a long walk to bottom of the Mile chair from parking lot - wear your shoes and stash them in the Mile lift house. Ride the Mile up holding your skis to get to Palmer chair. Palmer has a mid-way loading point, splitting Palmer into two runs: top area with courses and the bottom "road". 80% of top half is reserved for race, bump and jump camps.

Top of Palmer (8500'):

Bottom of Palmer chair:

Race courses on top half of Palmer:

Jump camp on eastern edge of Palmer, just below bump camp:
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Nice flipage!  Still looks good up high there.
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Nice job, Hoody.

My pix are long overdue...so I've finally gotten the time upload a few:

The view from just below Timberline Lodge...still good snow up there..

Here's a view from the Timberline Lodge...you get a feel for how much snow is left. 

A better shot of the race lanes
This is a better view of the groomed area where the training lanes are...

My dad...65  years young...bumpin and jumpin...I was proud of him.  

A view from the snow looking up at the Palmer Glacier...

Mt Jefferson off on the distance...its 46 miles from Mt. Hood and its sister Mtn. 

You can see where the racers have their gates and courses set up....

This is halfway down the top of the bumps (skiers left) and you can see the jumps in
the middle of the course...We were the only bump lane on the glacier...

Another view.  They weren't that big in the morning but got very large by lunchtime...

We did some hiking and biking and ran across this amazing scene...so peaceful.  People
were floating in tubes in the late afternoon sun...sublime. 

Same thing...it almost looks fake. 

A view across the valley to Ski Bowl...you can see where the trails are carved out of the trees.....

looking straight down the zipperline...

Down below was where the park was set up.  The kids were at a dual snowboard/skate park
and they were catching some major air off these tabletops and other features that they built.

An Epic week...I really recommend it!
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 thanks for the pix/beta...it looks hella burnt out to looker's left of Palmer (plus the top of Palmer is pretty hashed from the looks of it). seems that the only stuff going is the race course and park stuff looker's right. granted this is a month later than when i went last year and they've been having some hot weather, but July 25th 2008 they had full coverage underneath Palmer, as well as looker's left and a full O/B bowl further left that went all the way to the top of the glacier and connected above and behind the Palmer lift house

glad you and pops had a blast, though.
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Originally Posted by locknload View Post
A view from the snow looking up at the Palmer Glacier...
It is the Palmer snowfield. It is not a glacier.

Being picky about it, but the two things are not the same.
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Volant Addict...the folks at the Mt Hood Ski Camp refer to it as the glacier where we are skiing.  If there is a technical difference..please explain.  Is the glacier up above the "snowfield"...where is the boundary between the two?
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 according to Wikipedia (and yes, i know to take the info on Wiki with a grain of salt most of the time), the terms "glacier" and "snow field" are interchangeable.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Hood   (read the section sub-titled "Glaciers")

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What is the difference between glaciers and snowfields? Glaciers are gradually being pulled downhill by the force of gravity. On Mount Rainier, the glaciers flow down the sides of the mountain, melting at the lower ends while more snow accumulates at the upper ends. Snowfields, on the other hand, melt on warm days and grow larger during snowy winters, but they do not flow downhill. They may sit on flat areas, or they may be surrounded by ridges or hills that hold them in place.


Palmer Snowfield is the correct name according to Timberline.

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Yeah, but if you want to sound like a local, you'll call it the Palmer snow field.
Originally Posted by jonrpen View Post



According to the USGS Palmer is a glacier.

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OK, snow field it is.
I wish I was there.

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Was up from  aug 30-sept 5th the snowfield/glacier has shrinked a lot since you were up there locknload. Awesome week bluebird/70s all week!  Got some great coaching from Darrren owens! Bump lines were fantastic all week as well!!   Cant wait for the E-Coast Ice bumps now!!  D-O said hey to ya Locknload.

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