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Thing that make you go, HMMMMMmmmm...

In studying creative writing I worked on stories oriented around the "Quest." An important componens of the Quest are the Hero and the Other. One cannot exist without the other. Much of the Quest involves the Hero's Journey through changes involving the Other, and vice-versa.

The Other is a nearly opposite composite of the Hero...the dark side if you will. All through the Quest they mirror and affect each others' journeys.

That said, I find it interesting that SCSA and Bob disappeared and reappeared with similar timing. Come to think of it, SCSA and I disappeared and reappeared with similar timing!

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Who said I have a problem with sperm turner? I don't.

Better watch it Barnes - the term was invented by a gang member. You're calling down one of your own and one whom you've said that you admire.
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Oh good! Then I don't have to delete it!
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No no. I'm not a sperm turner. I'm a cult turner.
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By your definition doesn't don't Harley lovers belong to a 'cult' too?
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Maybe a few years ago. But now that Harleys have become so popular with overweight executives who are buying Harleys for nothing more than the status...
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What's the attraction to motorcycling, SCSA? Don't you think fat, overweight executives can have the same appetites as skinny, hungry foremen? I'm a Beemer fan myself (R60/5), but some of the retired executives I ski with like to ride their Harleys to the harbor to take their yachts out for a ride around the bay.
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You're right. I need to rethink. What I really meant to say is Venture Capitalists.
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Well, Bob I wasn't intimating conspiracy, just reflecting on the whole art-imitates-life idea and the importance of alter-ego like personalities in generating interesting storylines/situations

Frankly, while I don't agree with a lot of SCSA's statements, I still find a modicum of positive example in his self-confidence and bare-knuckled, face-it-down attitude. Don't worry. I do realize the positives do need to ferreted out in a discriminating manner.

And hey, look at it this way. SCSA's role here is one that generates a wealth of informative, educational posts from U (and others) which have really gone a long way in clearing up many misconceptions about Spanky and the rest of the gang! A good thing in the long run.

Besides, it is so much fun to read, think and respond. Learning to keep one's eye on the ball under the duress of one's own emotions is good for anyone.

This place really fills the bill as a 'virtual community.' While all the members don't necessarily welcome each other, everyone is still welcome (until the eternal perceiver chooses otherwise), just like the real world.

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A new one for the jargonaut thread.


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Very diplomatic way of describing the in-duh-vidual Roto! (For anybody who doesn't recognize it: "In-duh-vidual" is good red blooded American Bushlexia) <FONT size="1">

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